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Journal Article
Payment Card Adoption and Payment Choice

Using data from the 2021 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice, this article investigates two questions: how do consumers without credit or debit cards make payments, and do consumers without these payment cards differ from other consumers?
Policy Hub , Volume 2022 , Issue 10

Working Paper
Consumer Payment Choice for Bill Payments

Why do US consumers pay their bills the way they do? Using data from a recent diary of consumer payment behavior, we find that the type of bill consumers are paying and how they are paying (online or automatically) are important factors in determining the payment method, in addition to the dollar value of the bill and the demographic and income profile of the individual who is paying. In contrast, dollar value and demographic attributes are found to be the most important factors determining the payment instrument chosen for purchases. Consumer choices for bill payments are somewhat ...
Working Papers , Paper 20-9

Working Paper
Who Is Paying All These Fees? An Empirical Analysis of Bank Account and Credit Card Fees

Banks impose a variety of account fees, and credit card issuers impose a variety of fees related to card usage. Using detailed data from a 2021 representative diary survey of US consumers, we investigate whether lower-income consumers and Black consumers are more likely to pay bank account or credit card fees, and how payment behavior varies depending on paying such fees. We find that the probability of paying several types of bank account and credit card fees is correlated with consumers’ demographic attributes and payment behavior. The percentage of Black consumers who pay overdraft or ...
Working Papers , Paper 22-18

Journal Article
How US Consumers without Bank Accounts Make Payments

Using data from the 2021 Survey and Diary of Consumer Payment Choice, this article investigates two questions: What payment instruments do consumers without bank accounts adopt? How do these consumers make payments?
Policy Hub , Volume 2023 , Issue 1



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