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Keywords:Sex discrimination against women 

Journal Article
Reaching the top: challenges and opportunities for women leaders

This special edition of the Regional Review is based on presentations made at Reaching the Top: Challenges and Opportunities for Women Leaders, a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on March 3, 2004.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1

Journal Article
Changing the face of consulting: the women's initiative at Deloitte

Deloitte & Touche was hiring the best and brightest men and women, and proportionately losing 80 percent of the women before they reached partner level.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1

Gender discrimination and social identity: experimental evidence from urban Pakistan

Gender discrimination in South Asia is a well-documented fact. However, gender is only one of an individual?s many identities. This paper investigates how gender discrimination depends on the social identities of interacting parties. We use an experimental approach to identify gender discrimination by randomly matching 2,836 male and female students pursuing bachelor?s-equivalent degrees in three different types of institutions?Madrassas (religious seminaries), Islamic universities, and liberal universities?that represent distinct identities within the Pakistani society. Our main finding is ...
Staff Reports , Paper 593

Journal Article
Unconsciousness raising: the pernicious effects of unconscious bias

Even if we could completely eliminate intentional discrimination, unconscious bias would still remain.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 32-37

Journal Article
Comments on spinning the top: considering the impact of women's paid and unpaid work

We should acknowledge that discrimination still exists and that womens work lives have been considerably improved by their ability to legally challenge discriminatory practices.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1

Journal Article
Milestones in working women's legal history

The list starts with the right to vote in 1920 and continues up through the court settlements of 2004.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 43

Journal Article
Spinning the top: gender, competition, and the long-run optimum

Although existing organizational and cultural practices have the benefit of creating incentives to increase output, they may also create perverse incentives that have negative economic effects outside the relatively easily measured world of market outcomes.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1

Journal Article
Does affirmative action work?

After four decades, we are still debating how much impact affirmative action can and should have on opportunities and outcomes at work.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1

Journal Article
A psychological effect of stereotypes

We dont normally think of highly successful people as likely to suffer due to psychological pressure or stereotyping. But according to social psychologists, it is those most invested in their achievement who are most likely to fall prey to a kind of unconscious behavior known as stereotype threat.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 40-41



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