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Keywords:Monetary policy spillovers 

Working Paper
Monetary Policy across Space and Time

In this paper we ask two questions: (i) is the conduct of monetary policy stable across time and similar across major economies, and (ii) do policy decisions of major central banks have international spillover effects. To address these questions, we build on recent semi-parametric advances in time-varying parameter models that allow us to increase the VAR dimension and to jointly model three advanced economies (US, UK, and the Euro Area). In order to study policy spillovers, we jointly identify three economy-specific monetary policy shocks using a combination of sign and magnitude ...
Working Paper , Paper 18-14

Working Paper
The Effect of U.S. Stress Tests on Monetary Policy Spillovers to Emerging Markets

This paper shows that monetary policy and prudential policies interact. U.S. banks issue more commercial and industrial loans to emerging market borrowers when U.S. monetary policy eases. The effect is less pronounced for banks that are more constrained through the U.S. bank stress tests, reflected in a lower minimum capital ratio in the severely adverse scenario. This suggests that monetary policy spillovers depend on banks? capital constraints. In particular, during a period of quantitative easing when liquidity is abundant, banks are more flexible, and the scope for adjusting lending is ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 1265


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