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Journal Article
Economic Perspectives special issue on payments fraud: an introduction

This article provides an overview of this special issue of Economic Perspectives, which presents selected papers based on the proceedings of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's eighth annual Payments Conference, Payments Fraud: Perception Versus Reality, held on June 5?6, 2008.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 33 , Issue Q I , Pages 2-6

Discussion Paper
The laws, regulations, and industry practices that protect consumers who use electronic payment systems: credit and debit cards

Summary: This is the first in a series of three papers that examines the protections available to users of various electronic payment vehicles who fall victim to fraud, discover an error on their statement, or have a dispute with a merchant after making a purchase. Specifically, it examines in detail the federal and state laws that protect consumers in the three situations described above as well as the relevant association, network, and bank policies that may apply. The protection information included in this paper is derived from a wide range of public and non-public sources, including ...
Consumer Finance Institute discussion papers , Paper 05-01

Journal Article
Perspectives on retail payments fraud

Economic Perspectives , Volume 33 , Issue Q I

Journal Article
Fraud containment

Economic Perspectives , Volume 33 , Issue Q I , Pages 17-21

Conference Paper
Risk: remarks - 2007 trends in financial risk and fraud

Proceedings – Payments System Research Conferences

Journal Article
An examination of the fraud liability shift in consumer card-based payment systems

Economic Perspectives , Volume 33 , Issue Q I , Pages 43-49

Discussion Paper
Maintaining a safe environment for payment cards: Examining evolving threats posed by fraud

On April 23 and 24, 2008, the Payment Cards Center of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the Electronic Funds Transfer Association jointly hosted "Maintaining a Safe Environment for Payment Cards: Examining Evolving Threats Posed by Fraud." The conference included panels representing four key constituencies: issuers, consumers, merchants/acquirers, and networks. The panelists addressed the nature of payment card fraud in the 21st century. This paper summarizes the highlights from the presentations and the discussions that ensued.
Consumer Finance Institute discussion papers , Paper 09-01

Discussion Paper
The efficiency and integrity of payment card systems: industry views on the risks posed by data breaches

Consumer confidence in payment card systems has been built up over many decades. Cardholders expect to use their cards to execute payment instructions in a reliable and timely manner. Data breaches that degrade the perceived safety and reliability of payment cards may weaken consumer confidence in those systems and potentially cause cardholders to shift to other, and perhaps less efficient, forms of payment. A sizable shift away from payment cards ?induced by the consequences of one or more data breaches is unlikely. Even so, the probability of such an outcome is uncertain. In other words, ...
Consumer Finance Institute discussion papers , Paper 12-04

Conference Paper
Risk: remarks - Review and commentary on \\"Closing the phishing hole: fraud, risk, and nonbanks\\" by Ross Anderson

Proceedings – Payments System Research Conferences

Working Paper
Fraud deterrence in dynamic Mirrleesian economies

Social and private insurance schemes rely on legal action to deter fraud and tax evasion. This observation guides the authors to introduce a random state verification technology in a dynamic economy with private information. With some probability, an agent's skill level becomes known to the planner, who prescribes a punishment if the agent is caught misreporting. The authors show how deferring consumption can ease the provision of incentives. As a result, the marginal benefit may be below the marginal cost of investment in the constrained-efficient allocation, suggesting a subsidy on savings. ...
Working Papers , Paper 10-7


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