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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas  Series:Financial Industry Studies Working Paper 

Working Paper
Separating the likelihood and timing of bank failure

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 93-2

Working Paper
Empirically assessing the role of moral hazard in increasing the risk exposure of Texas banks

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 90-4

Working Paper
Early warning models in real time

Each quarter, banks file a call report, or Report of Condition and Income, containing hundreds of accounting items pertaining to their financial condition. Because call reports are filed quarterly, whereas banks are typically examined about once every twelve to eighteen months, statistical early warning models using call report data potentially provide a more up-to-date picture of a bank's condition than on-site exams alone. Often neglected, however, is the fact that call report data are subject to revision. We find evidence of a strong relationship between on-site exams and call report ...
Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 00-01

Working Paper
Payments-related intraday credit differentials and the emergence of a vehicle currency

The U.S. dollar serves as a vehicle currency or medium of exchange in the global foreign exchange markets. After reviewing some of the existing theories on vehicle currencies, the hypothesis put forth is that the dollar's role is linked to the relatively low cost of payments-related intraday credit available to payment system participants. Differences in the types of measures used by payment system operators to reduce settlement and systemic risk in the payment system give rise to liquidity differentials between currencies. ; After reviewing the types of intraday credit facilities extended to ...
Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 97-3

Working Paper
Excess returns and sources of value in FSLIC-assisted acquisitions of troubled thrifts

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 89-1

Working Paper
Money, credit, and fiscal policy in Mexico's \"lost decade.\"

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 94-5

Working Paper
Geographic liberalization and the accessibility of banking services in rural areas

This study assesses the degree to which the liberalization of geographic banking restrictions has lived up to its promise of enhancing service accessibility in rural areas. The empirical framework is distinguished by a focus on changes in accessibility, as opposed to levels. While previous research has produced mixed results on the benefits of greater geographic powers for service accessibility in rural communities, the results reported here point unambiguously to a positive relationship between expansion opportunities and accessibility. Both OLS and ordinallevel probit regressions indicate ...
Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 97-1

Working Paper
Are stocks a hedge against inflation? International evidence using cointegration analysis

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 94-3

Working Paper
Bank credit and economic activity: evidence from the Texas banking decline

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 91-5

Working Paper
The impact of deposit interest rate deregulation on bank riskiness

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 91-4




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