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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas  Series:Dallas Fed Economics 

Solar Lights Up Outlook for Renewable Energy in Texas

Improving economics and government tax incentives have spurred investment in utility-scale solar facilities in Texas.
Dallas Fed Economics

Supply-Chain Woes, Labor Shortages and COVID-19 Slow Resilient Texas Economy

Regional economic growth has slowed, though it remains robust by historical standards. While demand has improved from year-ago levels, supply-chain disruptions and labor shortages have limited output growth and pushed up wages and prices.
Dallas Fed Economics

Global Perspectives: Tom Luce on Public Service, Education Reform

Luce and Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan discussed his career in law and public service, his decision to become a lawyer and the key challenges facing the U.S. education system.
Dallas Fed Economics

Recent Inflation Surges Have Modestly Affected Long-Term Expectations

Improvements in Federal Reserve credibility over the last 40 years have ensured that inflation expectations, particularly long-term inflation expectations, have so far remained well-anchored despite surging current inflation.
Dallas Fed Economics

Biden Student Loan Relief Plan Allows Increased Borrowing, Less Repayment

The Biden plan is expected to boost participation in the income-driven repayments that lower the payment burden. Imposing a cap on a borrower’s income to qualify for cancellation or increasing the cancellation amount for low-income borrowers could alleviate the regressive nature of broad loan cancellation.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas modestly grows with soft landing likely

Texas firms reported below-average output growth to start 2023, while employment and wage gains remained elevated despite indications of a softening labor market.
Dallas Fed Economics

Moderate Wage Growth Spurs Search for ‘Hidden Slack’ in Labor Market

In recent years, much has been made about the idea of hidden slack—unused labor capacity not captured by the unemployment rate.
Dallas Fed Economics

Global Perspectives: Richard Haass on Russia, China and Multilateralism

Richard Haass—a veteran diplomat, prominent voice on American foreign policy and established leader of nonprofit institutions—and Dallas Fed President Robert S. Kaplan discussed the end of the Cold War, Russia, China and contemporary challenges.
Dallas Fed Economics

Dallas Fed Energy Survey Results Point to Bleak Outlook for Oil Industry

The price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil has plunged more than 50 percent since the start of the year as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has taken hold and a dispute between energy giants Saudi Arabia and Russia threatens to flood the market with crude oil.
Dallas Fed Economics

Another Benefit of Trimming: Smaller Inflation Revisions

With the Dallas Fed’s Trimmed Mean Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) inflation rate, what you see in real time is closer to what you get after revision than is the case with the more conventional measure of core inflation, PCE excluding food and energy.
Dallas Fed Economics





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