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Working Paper
Recent Employment Growth in Cities, Suburbs, and Rural Communities

This paper uses a comprehensive source of yearly data to study private-sector labor demand across US counties during the past five decades. Our focus is on how employment levels and earnings relate to population density—that is, how labor markets in rural areas, suburbs, and cities have fared relative to one another. Three broad lessons emerge. First, the longstanding suburbanization of employment and population in cities with very dense urban cores essentially stopped in the first decade of the 21st century. For cities with less dense cores, however, the decentralization of employment ...
Working Papers , Paper 19-20

Journal Article
10 things to know about the shape of Ohio’s skilled workforce

Economic Commentary , Issue May

Journal Article
Can state employment declines foretell national business cycles?

An investigation of whether it is possible to predict national recessions by following the employment performance of specific states or regions. The author compares state employment patterns to the health of the national economy over the post-WWII period.
Economic Commentary , Issue Sep

Journal Article
A new quarterly output measure for Texas

Real gross domestic product is one of the most watched indicators of the U.S. business cycle. Yet at the state level, output measures are rarely used to track business conditions. Although the Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates real gross state product (RGSP), the long release lag (usually about two and one-half years after the reporting year) and the annual periodicity of the data severely limit its usefulness. ; In this article, Frank Berger and Keith Phillips find that movements in quarterly personal income and various price measures can accurately explain movements in total Texas RGSP ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q III , Pages 16-23

Journal Article
Income growth in the southwest: implications for long-term development

Many observers view economic diversification as the antidote for the Southwests boom-and-bust cycles and as the key to long-term economic growth. Robert W. Gilmer addresses this issue by analyzing whether regional growth has been dominated by industry-specific cyclical factors or whether internal factorssuch as labor force quality, infrastructure, and the educational systemhave primarily accounted for long-term growth. ; Gilmers analysis suggests that, for long-term growth, internal factors are more critical than industry mix. Gilmer concludes that policies designed to promote local ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Nov , Pages 1-14

Gross state product: New England 1969-1985

Monograph , Paper 6

Journal Article
How does public infrastructure affect regional economic performance?

Bridge collapses and water main explosions focus national attention on the crumbling condition of the nations infrastructure. Catastrophic infrastructure failures are always a momentary spur to debate on the nations capital investment policies. But increasingly these negative developments have been accompanied by economists claims that public capital investment makes a significant contribution to national output, . productivity, growth, and international competitiveness ; This paper explores the impact of public capital on economic activity at the state and regional level. The author ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Sep , Pages 11-33

Journal Article
How diversified is New England?

Despite steady growth in the United States economy over the past eight years, several regions of the country have suffered severe economic slumps. Oil-producing and agricultural states in particular have experienced economic conditions that usually occur only during national recessions. Lack of diversity in the economies of these regions contributed to their economic problems. ; Recently, it has been New Englands turn; its economic performance has deteriorated significantly. This article examines the diversity of the New England economy. The author finds that New England has a diverse ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Nov , Pages 3-16

Journal Article
Regional economic conditions and the FOMC votes of district presidents

It is often argued that the institutional structure of the Federal Reserve System influences the formulation and attainment of national monetary policy goals. District Bank presidents do play a major role in the formulation of monetary policy. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York always has one of twelve votes at the policy-making Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings, and four of the remaining eleven votes rotate among the other Reserve Bank presidents. ; This article tests whether regional economic performance excessively influences the votes of District Bank presidents. The article ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 3-16

Journal Article
Changes in the structure of wages: a regional comparison

This article sets out to examine changes in the structure of mens wages in the 1980s, on a regional basis. The analysis corroborates evidence presented by other authors of a rising return to skill in the United States during the decade. It also demonstrates that the changes in wage structure were not uniform across regions. ; The wages of college graduates rose in all regions relative to the less educated, but to varying extents and perhaps for different reasons. The study finds that changes in relative supplies of labor were generally not behind the rising returns to skill. Rising returns to ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Jul , Pages 45-61



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