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Texas economy moderates toward more normal growth in 2024

Texas economic growth remains healthy while gradually reverting to a more historically normal pace of expansion following the pandemic when a bust in the first half of 2020 preceded a subsequent boom.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas economic activity strengthens despite slowing job growth, greater price resistance

Texas employment growth slowed even as overall activity strengthened in August and September. Resistance to price increases rose.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas shows signs of slowing; price pressures ease despite buoyant services

Texas job growth slowed in June, though it still exceeded the U.S. rate. Meanwhile, the state economy continued to expand despite the downshift in employment and weakness in manufacturing.
Dallas Fed Economics

Wage growth still exceeds 3 percent despite slowing in business survey measures

Fed policymakers working to reduce inflation have closely monitored how fast wages have risen. National estimates put recent 12-month wage inflation at around 4–5 percent, though these measures can lag other indicators of labor market conditions. More timely wage data can be found from the five regional Federal Reserve Banks that run business surveys.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas economic activity, job growth weaken as 2023 closes

Texas economic growth slowed in the fourth quarter, with job growth falling sharply in October and business activity contracting slightly in November.
Dallas Fed Economics

Slowing Texas economy remains on track for a soft landing

The impact of a still-strong Texas jobs market and moderating business activities and costs suggest that the state’s economy may be headed for a soft landing following Fed policymaker efforts to cool inflationary pressures.
Dallas Fed Economics

Discussion Paper
Do Regional Fed Surveys Reflect National Manufacturing Conditions?

Surveys play an important role in how research staff across the Federal Reserve System understand changing economic conditions. Several Reserve Banks conduct manufacturing surveys to gauge the health of the manufacturing sector in their districts. Since these surveys are published before national data, policymakers and market watchers often use them for a signal of where U.S. manufacturing activity is heading. In October 2014, the Dallas Fed published an Economic Letter in which they found that regional Fed manufacturing surveys improved forecasts for several key national indicators. In this ...
Regional Matters

Texas economic activity expands modestly; labor market remains healthy

Texas economic activity expanded at a modest pace in April. While the manufacturing sector rebounded, the service sector slowed. Texas employment growth was moderate in the first quarter, slightly above the state’s roughly 2 percent long-run trend, and the unemployment rate held steady.
Dallas Fed Economics



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