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A Brief History of the Fed Universe

In remarks to the Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick T. Harker kept his outlook in line with that of recent weeks. ?I continue to be in wait-and-see mode, and my outlook for rates remains, at most, one hike for 2019 and one for 2020,? he said.
Speech , Paper 164

Monetary policy in a low inflation and low unemployment economy: remarks at the Economic Club of New York, New York, New York, May 21, 2019

Boston Fed president Eric Rosengren explored the current economic environment, characterized by low unemployment and lower-than-target inflation ? which are somewhat opposing signals for monetary policymakers.
Speech , Paper 144

The United States and the Global Economic Outlook

When it comes to the economy, 2018 will be a year of ?monitoring,? said Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker to an audience of research economists on January 5. He also said in his own view that two rate increases are likely to be appropriate for the year. American Economic Association 2018 ASSA Annual Meeting Philadelphia, PA
Speech , Paper 146

Our Work Is Not Yet Done

Remarks at the New York Bankers Association, New York City.

Bullard Speaks with Bloomberg about Inflation, Monetary Policy

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard discussed his expectations for economic growth and inflation in 2021. He also discussed various aspects of U.S. monetary policy during an appearance on Bloomberg Radio and TV.

Taking Stock of the Economic Recovery and the Opportunities to Bolster Financial Stability

It seems likely that the economy will grow rapidly this year. This should reduce the slack in the labor markets and eventually return inflation to the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent target. Assuming virus variants do not become especially problematic, we should see an unusually strong post-recession recovery. While the near-term public health and macroeconomic improvements are more than welcome and critically important, I also believe that policymakers across the spectrum should take the time to examine some of the problems brought to the forefront over the past year. In doing so, they can ...

Bullard Discusses U.S. Monetary Policy, Inflation and Economic Growth with CNBC

St. Louis Fed President Jim Bullard shared his views on tapering the Fed’s asset purchases, the U.S. economy and inflation during an interview on CNBC’s Closing Bell.

Risk management in monetary policymaking: remarks to the National Association of Corporate Directors, New England Chapter, Boston, Massachusetts, March 5, 2019

Eric Rosengren, the Boston Fed president, offered up a ?relatively strong forecast? for the economy in 2019: growth somewhat above 2 percent, inflation close to the Fed?s 2 percent target, and a labor market that continues to tighten. However, ?risks to that outlook have increased recently,? he said, in a talk focused on assessing and managing those risks.
Speech , Paper 141

Central bank balance sheets: misconceptions and realities: remarks at the Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference, Hong Kong, China, March 26, 2019

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President Eric Rosengren explored misconceptions about the Fed?s balance sheet ? the assets the central bank holds, and the liabilities and capital used to finance those assets ? in a speech in Hong Kong.
Speech , Paper 142

Bullard Speaks with Fox Business about Economic Growth, Jobs and Interest Rates

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard talked about economic growth, the labor market, the tapering of the Fed’s asset purchases and his interest rate expectations during a Fox Business interview.



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