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A New York Moment

Remarks at The Future of New York City: Charting an Equitable Recovery for All, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York City.

Assessing economic conditions and risks to financial stability: remarks at the Stern School of Business, Salomon Center for the Study of Financial Institutions, New York University, New York, New York, September 20, 2019

The stance of policy is already accommodative. The economic data suggest continued expansion. Risks to the economic outlook are of concern, to be sure. Responding to risks to the economic outlook with too much monetary accommodation entails costs, and thus introduces risks of its own ? one such risk is the potential buildup of financial instability.
Speech , Paper 149

Journal Article
This Time Is Different…Because We Are

The Federal Reserve has evolved since the “Great Inflation” of the 1970s. With new tools and a deeper understanding of the importance of transparency, it is better prepared to meet the dual mandate goals of price stability and full employment, even in challenging times.
FRBSF Economic Letter , Volume 2022 , Issue 05 , Pages 08

Central Bankers Need to Take Note of Transition to Clean Energy

The path from traditional energy sources to alternative sources with lower greenhouse gas emissions—including renewable energy, and carbon capture and storage—is long and paved with abundant uncertainty.
Dallas Fed Economics

Exploring Economic Conditions and the Implications for Monetary Policy

Eric Rosengren’s comments were delivered at the Boston Fed’s Annual Regional & Community Bankers Conference, and were a based on a speech he delivered on October 11, 2019.

Discussion Paper
Opening the Toolbox: The Nowcasting Code on GitHub

In April 2016, we unveiled--and began publishing weekly--the New York Fed Staff Nowcast, an estimate of GDP growth using an automated platform for tracking economic conditions in real time. Today we go a step further by publishing the MATLAB code for the nowcasting model, available here on GitHub, a public repository hosting service. We hope that sharing our code will make it easier for people interested in monitoring the macroeconomy to understand the details underlying the nowcast and to replicate our results.
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20180810

A Fireside Chat on Current Economic Conditions

Vaccination rates have been better than expected in much of the U.S., and that’s led to a more rapid reopening of the economy than was forecast earlier this year. Forecasts of gross domestic product (GDP) have been significantly upgraded since the start of this year, with the median forecast of Federal Open Market Committee members at 7% growth for 2021. That is unusually high for a U.S. recovery. Despite the positive signs, we still have quite a way to go before we reach full employment, given the most recent unemployment rate was 5.8%, substantially above the 4.5% FOMC participants ...

Rising to the Challenge: Central Banking, Financial Markets, and the Pandemic

Remarks at the 16th Meeting of the Financial Research Advisory Committee for the Treasury’s Office of Financial Research (delivered via videoconference).

The Economic Outlook and the Role of Credit Intermediation

Remarks by Charles L. Evans, President and Chief Executive Officer,Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Chartered Financial Analysts Society of Chicago Lunch Mid-America Club 200 East Randolph Street Chicago, Illinois
Speech , Paper 15



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