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Keywords:Regional economics 

Journal Article
Explaining the bust

Regional Review , Issue Win , Pages 19-24

Journal Article
Current economic conditions in the Eighth Federal Reserve District. Little Rock zone

Burgundy Books , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Shocked, only not: false positive cases of employment decline

Fedgazette , Volume 17 , Issue Nov , Pages 8

Journal Article
The sectoral and regional effects of oil shocks: who's over a barrel?

An examination of how higher-priced oil affects various regions and business sectors, citing evidence that the oil shock accompanying Iraq's invasion of Kuwait will have a smaller impact on the overall U.S. economy than that of previous shocks.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Ninth District economy slips into a recession

Ninth Federal Reserve District 2009 Economic Forecast
Fedgazette , Volume 21 , Issue Jan , Pages 12-14

Journal Article
County employment: shocks and rebounds

Lots of counties experience major job loss, but why they do and how well they recover is more of a mystery
Fedgazette , Volume 17 , Issue Nov , Pages 2, 4-5

Journal Article
Cyclical patterns and structural changes in the Louisville area economy since 1990

Regional Economic Development , Issue Nov , Pages 17-29

Working Paper
Ethnic networks and U.S. exports

This paper provides new estimates of the effects of ethnic networks on U.S. exports. In line with recent research, our dataset is a panel of exports from U.S. states to 29 foreign countries. Our analysis departs from the literature in two ways, both of which show that previous estimates of the ethnic-network elasticity of trade are sensitive to the restrictions imposed on the estimated models. Our first departure is to control for unobserved heterogeneity with properly specified fixed effects, which we can do because our dataset contains a time dimension absent from previous studies. Our ...
Working Papers , Paper 2005-069

Journal Article
New England gross product

New England Economic Indicators , Issue Q I , Pages iv-viii

Journal Article
Changes in the structure of wages: a regional comparison

This article sets out to examine changes in the structure of mens wages in the 1980s, on a regional basis. The analysis corroborates evidence presented by other authors of a rising return to skill in the United States during the decade. It also demonstrates that the changes in wage structure were not uniform across regions. ; The wages of college graduates rose in all regions relative to the less educated, but to varying extents and perhaps for different reasons. The study finds that changes in relative supplies of labor were generally not behind the rising returns to skill. Rising returns to ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Jul , Pages 45-61



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