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Journal Article
New currency design will sport more colors

Financial Update , Volume 15 , Issue Oct , Pages 4

Journal Article
Private money in our past, present, and future

The government isn?t the only entity allowed to issue money. Private citizens and businesses can too, and throughout U.S. history, they often have. But private money?as such money is called?isn?t issued much these days. What lessons have our experiences with private money taught us, and what do they imply for our money today and in the future?
Economic Commentary , Issue Jan

Working Paper
Private money creation and the Suffolk Banking System

Recent legislation has removed U.S. legal impediments to issuing private bank notes. At the same time, improved transaction technologies have enabled banks and other entities to issue various forms of "e-cash." Consequently, developed economies may soon see the reemergence of privately issued substitutes for currency. The authors examine the potential economic consequences using the Bank of Suffolk as a model.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 9821

Working Paper
Private money, settlement, and discount : a comment

Temzelides and Williamson present a model of private currency issuance to study the effect of clearing arrangements on the prices at which private currencies trade, on the volume of exchange, and on welfare. Their findings hinge on three factors: the location of the issuers relative to the area in which their currencies circulate, whether there is an arrangement for clearing nonlocally issued currencies, and whether agents are fully informed about the quality of the currencies. This paper finds that the Temzelides-Williamson model provides valuable insights about historical experiences with ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 00-01

Conference Paper
Country risk and the structure of international financial intermediation


Journal Article
Fed makes Y2K cash plans, encourages banks to plan

Financial Update , Volume 12 , Issue Jul , Pages 1-2

Working Paper
Is Money Essential? An Experimental Approach

Working Paper , Paper 21-12

Working Paper
Do indicators of financial crises work? an evaluation of an early warning system

The object of this paper is to develop an operational early warning system (EWS) that can detect financial crises. To achieve this goal the paper analyzes and extends the early warning system developed by Kaminsky, Lizondo, and Reinhart (1998) and Kaminsky and Reinhart (1999) that is based on the "signal" approach. This system monitors several indicators that tend to exhibit an unusual behavior in the periods preceding a crisis. When an indicator exceeds (or falls below) a threshold, then it is said to issue a "signal" that a currency crisis may occur within a given period. The model does ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 675

Journal Article
U.S. currency at home and abroad

Monetary Trends , Issue Mar

Working Paper
Is foreign-currency indexed debt a commitment technology? Some evidence from Brazil and Mexico

We examine the effects of foreign currency-indexed debt upon inflationary expectations in Brazil and Mexico. Conjecturing that markets will view increasing overhangs of foreign currency-indexed debt as a commitment technology that fiscally punishes devaluation, we test whether increasing such overhangs will attenuate the effect of monetary growth upon inflationary expectations. We find some econometric confirmation of these conjectures in both the Brazilian and Mexican cases. Finding that the results are consistent with the notion that increasing the share of dollar indexed debt may also ...
Center for Latin America Working Papers , Paper 0299



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