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Keywords:Hispanic Americans 

Working Paper
The minimum wage and Latino workers

Because Latinos comprise a large and growing share of the low-skilled labor force in the U.S., Latinos may be disproportionately affected by minimum wage laws. We compare the effects of minimum wage laws on employment and earnings among Hispanic immigrants and natives compared with non-Hispanic whites and blacks. We focus on adults who have not finished high school and on teenagers, groups likely to earn low wages. Conventional economic theory predicts that higher minimum wages lead to higher hourly earnings among people who are employed but lower employment rates. Data from the Current ...
Working Papers , Paper 0708

¡Ándale Pues! Get on with advancing Hispanic prosperity through education

Remarks at the Hispanic Economic Experience Conference, Dallas, Texas, June 16, 2011 ; "In Texas, as anywhere else in the United States and in all capitalist societies, "you earn what you learn." Every study known to man, and plain common sense, tells you that income is directly correlated to educational attainment."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 91

Journal Article
On the record: why Hispanic education deficits persist: a conversation with Richard Fry

Economist Richard Fry, senior research associate at the Pew Hispanic Center, a Washington think tank, discusses the challenges of improving educational outcomes for the country's rapidly growing Hispanic population.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q1 , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
21st Century demographics : Community development and financial service

e-Perspectives , Issue 4

Journal Article
Getting to the bottom of Texas' Latino pay gap

Among Latinos, the U.S. born make up a majority in Texas but a minority in the rest of the country. Because natives typically earn more than immigrants, a state with a large, established population of U.S.-born Latinos might be expected to have relatively high Latino wages. That's not the case in Texas. The Latino wage gap--the difference between the wages of Latinos and non-Hispanic whites--is significantly larger in Texas than in the rest of the nation. ; What drives the gap in Texas? To find out, we look at Latinos' recent contributions to the state's labor force and trends in their wages ...
Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 3-7

Working Paper
The effect of neighborhood contagion on mortgage selection

In this paper we conduct an empirical investigation of how neighborhood mortgage adoption contagion affects mortgage product choice, with an emphasis on Hispanic borrowers. We use loan-level mortgage data for metropolitan areas in California and Florida during 2004 and 2005, the peak years of the subprime mortgage boom. We identify an important and statistically significant effect of contagion on consumer choice of hybrid mortgage products that were popular during this period, especially for Hispanic borrowers.
Working Papers , Paper 2011-036

Journal Article
Texas' Latino pay gaps: taking a closer look

Latino workers in Texas are on the short end of two pay gaps. They earn substantially lower wages than the state's non-Hispanic white workers. They also earn less than Latinos working in other parts of the U.S.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q1 , Pages 10-13

Journal Article
Hispanics play different role in District's growth than in nation's

The Regional Economist , Issue July , Pages 22-23

Journal Article
The crisis and Latino families

The financial crisis can be measured in many numerical ways. It can be measured by the 8 million homeowners delinquent on mortgage payments, the $7 trillion in lost household wealth, the 30 percent decline in house prices, the 15 million homeowners underwater, or the doubling of the unemployment rate. But there is another side to consider?the stories of families. With the effects on families in mind, the University of North Carolina?s Center for Community Capital and the National Council of La Raza partnered to study Latino families, interviewing members of 25 foreclosed families in Texas, ...
Communities and Banking , Issue Fall , Pages 3-5

Journal Article
Banking on the future : reaching out to the Hispanic population in rural Kansas

TEN , Issue Win , Pages 6-9