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The crisis and Latino families

Abstract: The financial crisis can be measured in many numerical ways. It can be measured by the 8 million homeowners delinquent on mortgage payments, the $7 trillion in lost household wealth, the 30 percent decline in house prices, the 15 million homeowners underwater, or the doubling of the unemployment rate. But there is another side to consider?the stories of families. With the effects on families in mind, the University of North Carolina?s Center for Community Capital and the National Council of La Raza partnered to study Latino families, interviewing members of 25 foreclosed families in Texas, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, and California.

Keywords: Households - Economic aspects; Foreclosure; Hispanic Americans; Financial crises;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Part of Series: Communities and Banking

Publication Date: 2010

Issue: Fall

Pages: 3-5