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Keywords:Free trade 

Conference Paper
The domestic politics of Mexican trade policy


Journal Article
Environmental protection and free trade: are they mutually exclusive?

Review , Issue May , Pages 3-16

Working Paper
Financial implications of regional trade accords

We examine the implications of a North-South trade accord where investments in the Southern partner nation exhibit country risk. Our analysis demonstrates that North-South trade accords can serve as "credibility-enhancing" mechanisms towards treatment of foreign investment, inducing additional foreign capital inflows. We then examine the issues of trade and financial creation and diversion under the accord. The presence of sovereign risk changes the tradeoffs between trade creation and diversion, enhancing the potential for welfare-increasing trade-diverting regional trade accords.
Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 95-01

Racing to the top: how global competition disciplines public policy

Annual Report

Conference Paper
Trade policy and income distribution


Working Paper
On the dynamics of trade diversion: evidence from four trade blocs

This paper studies the dynamics of trade reorientation experienced when a country joins a regional trade bloc. We find that the joining country's trade orientation toward bloc countries typically rises along an `S'-shaped path. We estimate the size, speed, and timing of this adjustment path for a `typical' joining country, for four trade agreements. We find that, in the European Union (EU), the incumbent bloc countries' share of the joining country's trade typically rose by eighteen percentage points over the course of the adjustment; that this took twelve years; and that the adjustment began ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 637

Journal Article
Commentary: the move toward free trade zones

Economic Review , Volume 76 , Issue Nov , Pages 27-35

Journal Article
What about free trade within the United States?

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 1-5

On sunk costs and trade liberalization in applied general equilibrium

We argue that the rationalization gains often predicted by static applied general equilibrium models with imperfect competition and scale economies are artificially boosted by an unrealistic treatment of fixed costs. We introduce sunk costs into one such model calibrated with real-world data. We show how this changes the oligopoly game in a way significant enough to affect, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the outcome of a trade liberalization exercise.
Staff Report , Paper 188

Journal Article
Toward trade blocs?

FRBSF Economic Letter



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