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Keywords:Federal Reserve banks - Profits 

Remarks at panel discussion on fiscal challenges

Remarks at Panel Discussion at 2012 U.S. Monetary Policy Forum, New York City.
Speech , Paper 75

Working Paper
Expense preference and the Fed revisited

Working Papers , Paper 91-6

Working Paper
Further evidence concerning expense preference and the Fed

Working Papers , Paper 92-4

Journal Article
Reserve Banks return $35 billion to U.S. Treasury

In 2008, the Federal Reserve System transferred $34.9 billion to the U.S. Treasury. This revenue represents most of the Reserve Banks' net income and came from a number of sources.
Financial Update , Volume 22 , Issue 1

Journal Article
Reserve banks disburse $21 billion to Treasury

Financial Update , Volume 19 , Issue Q 1

Journal Article
Reserve banks return nearly $29 billion to Treasury

Financial Update , Volume 20 , Issue 1

Unconventional monetary policies and central bank independence

Remarks at the Central Bank Independence Conference?Progress and Challenges in Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico.
Speech , Paper 119

Reflections on the TALF and the Federal Reserve's role as liquidity provider

Remarks at the New York Association for Business Economics, New York City.
Speech , Paper 26

Working Paper
The effect of pricing on demand and revenue in Federal Reserve ACH payment processing

Because the automated clearinghouse (ACH) has been found to have lower social costs than paper checks, the Federal Reserve has been promoting more widespread use of ACH by lowering ACH processing fees. In this paper we have obtained the first numerical estimates of ACH demand elasticities, a measure of the responsiveness of ACH demand to price changes. In order to determine how robust the estimates are, various methods were employed to estimate the demand elasticities. Our results show that the volume of ACH items processed by the Federal Reserve does respond to changes in per-item fees. We ...
Working Papers , Paper 97-6

Journal Article
1987 annual report on priced service operations issued

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jun , Pages 381



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