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Keywords:Factor models 

Working Paper
Term Structure Modeling with Supply Factors and the Federal Reserve's Large Scale Asset Purchase Programs

This paper estimates an arbitrage-free term structure model with both observable yield factors and Treasury and Agency MBS supply factors, and uses it to evaluate the term premium effects of the Federal Reserve's large-scale asset purchase programs. Our estimates show that the first and the second large-scale asset purchase programs and the maturity extension program jointly reduced the 10-year Treasury yield by about 100 basis points.
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2014-07

Working Paper
Equity Financing Risk

A risk factor linked to aggregate equity issuance conditions explains the empirical performance of investment factors based on the asset growth anomaly of Cooper, Gulen, and Schill (2008). This new risk factor, dubbed equity financing risk (EFR) factor, subsumes investment factors in leading linear factor models. Most importantly, when substituted for investment factors, the EFR factor improves the overall pricing performance of linear factor models, delivering a significant reduction in absolute pricing errors and their associated t-statistics for several anomalies, including the ones ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2020-037

Working Paper
Factor Selection and Structural Breaks

We develop a new approach to select risk factors in an asset pricing model that allows the set to change at multiple unknown break dates. Using the six factors displayed in Table 1 since 1963, we document a marked shift towards parsimonious models in the last two decades. Prior to 2005, five or six factors are selected, but just two are selected thereafter. This finding offers a simple implication for the factor zoo literature: ignoring breaks detects additional factors that are no longer relevant. Moreover, all omitted factors are priced by the selected factors in every regime. Finally, ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2024-037


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