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Discussion Paper
New York City’s Economic Recovery—Main Street Gets the Jump on Wall Street

After bottoming out in late 2009, New York City’s economy has been on the road to recovery. In this post, we call attention to an unprecedented feature of the current economic recovery: overall employment in the city began to rebound from the recession well before Wall Street started adding jobs. We also consider some questions that this development naturally raises: What took Wall Street employment so long to recover? What’s been driving job generation on Main Street? What does the recent pickup in Wall Street employment suggest about the outlook for the city’s economy?
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20110502

Discussion Paper
Upstate New York Job Growth: The Bad News Is that the Good News Was Wrong

In 2015, upstate New York looked to be having its strongest job growth in years. Employment was estimated to be growing at around one percent—below the national pace, but twice the region's trend growth rate since the end of the Great Recession. Buffalo, in particular, looked to be gaining significant numbers of construction and manufacturing jobs for the first time in decades, pushing it to its highest job growth since the late 1990s. Unfortunately, the good news was wrong. Annual benchmark revisions to New York State's employment data released in early March cut upstate's growth rate in ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20160325

Working Paper
Unaffordable housing and local employment growth

High housing prices have caused concerns among policy makers as well as the public in many U.S. regions. There is a general belief that unaffordable housing could drive businesses away and thus impede job growth. However, there has been little empirical evidence that supports this view. In this paper, we clarify how housing affordability is linked to employment growth and why unaffordable housing could negatively affect employment growth. We empirically measure this effect using data on California municipalities and U.S. metropolitan areas and counties. It is argued that for various reasons a ...
New England Public Policy Center Working Paper , Paper 10-3

Journal Article
Perspective: outsourcing jobs overseas: a cause for concern?

A rash of media stories has heightened concern about foreign outsourcing of U. S. jobs. But analyses show that many of these reports may have exaggerated the extent and economic impact of jobs moving overseas.
Regional Review , Issue Q 2 / Q 3 , Pages 2-6

The national and regional economy

Remarks at Queens College, Flushing, New York.
Speech , Paper 124

The outlook, policy choices and our mandate

Remarks at the at the Society of American Business Editors and Writers Fall Conference, City University of New York, Graduate School of Journalism, New York City.
Speech , Paper 30

The outlook for the national and local economy

Remarks at the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, Staten Island, New York.
Speech , Paper 102

How goes the recovery? Challenges for the nation, the region and the Fed

Remarks at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.
Speech , Paper 35

The U.S. economic outlook

Remarks at the Washington and Lee University H. Parker Willis Lecture in Political Economics, Lexington, Virginia.
Speech , Paper 20

Remarks at the Regional Employment Press Briefing

Remarks at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York 2010 Regional Employment Press Briefing.
Speech , Paper 22



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