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Journal Article
Performance of urban information technology centers: the boom, the bust, and the future

After being emblematic of the U.S. economic surge in the late 1990s, urban areas that specialize in information technology (IT) products have more recently been struggling with the aftermath of the IT spending bust. To what degree can they bounce back and reemerge as leaders of innovative activity and production in the IT sector? We examine the characteristics of some of the nations leading IT centers, linking these characteristics to a discussion of economic research concerning the sources of growth in urban industrial centers. Although each of these IT centers was hit hard by the IT bust ...
Economic Review

Economic outlook and monetary policy

Presented by Charles I. Plosser, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia CFA Society of Philadelphia/The Bond Club of Philadelphia, September 25, 2012
Speech , Paper 72

Journal Article
District economy to expand modestly

Fedgazette , Volume 15 , Issue Jan , Pages 8-11

The U.S. economic situation and regulatory reform

Delivered at A Day with the Commissioner, Nashville, TN, 12 May 2010
Speech , Paper 151

How useful are consumer surveys as macroeconomic indicators?

Most economic indicators attempt to summarize what happened at a particular time in the past. Consumer surveys, however, examine attitudes and are thus fundamentally different from other widely reported indicators. Some surveys, such as those that measure inflation expectations, have proven to be useful to economists and policymakers, while the evidence is more mixed for others, such as forecasts of consumer spending.
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue July

Conference Paper
World population in 2050: assessing the projections: discussion

Joel Cohen was asked by the conference organizers to focus a critical eye on demographic projections and to give special attention to the outlook for the elderly and for total dependency ratios. He was very faithful to his assignment. I have only a few points to raise about his paper before going on to discuss one issue that he did not cover (and was not asked to cover) but that I think should be addressed as part of a comprehensive treatment of population prospects for the year 2050. The issue is the current youth bulge in many of the world's poorest countries that have yet to reap the ...
Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 46

Perspectives on the U.S. economy and monetary policy

Monetary Policy and Banks and the Rise of Global Protectionism; Global Interdependence Center; Banque de France; Paris, France President Charles Plosser offers his views on growth, unemployment, and inflation expectations. He also discusses why the Fed faces a communications challenge with the economy so close to the unemployment threshold of 6.5 percent. He gave similar remarks on March 6 in London.
Speech , Paper 95

Journal Article
Ninth District economy slips into a recession

Ninth Federal Reserve District 2009 Economic Forecast
Fedgazette , Volume 21 , Issue Jan , Pages 12-14

Journal Article
New economy, new recession

Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 11-16



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