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Insights from Dallas Fed Surveys: Uneven Economic Recovery Likely in Texas

The Dallas Fed’s Texas Business Outlook Surveys (TBOS) show that while recovery continued in some sectors in July, it faltered in others as new COVID-19 cases surged across the state.
Dallas Fed Economics

Real-Time Population Survey Suggests U.S. Job Losses Slowed in Early May

Survey results for the week of May 10 suggest further declines in employment and an increase in unemployment relative to the week of April 26 – May 2, though both changes are within the survey’s margin of error.
Dallas Fed Economics

Global Perspectives: Richard Clarida on U.S. Monetary Policy

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Clarida discusses a range of topics, including the challenges facing monetary policymakers, the U.S. fiscal situation and the global role of the dollar.
Dallas Fed Economics

Early Mandated Social Distancing Does Best to Control COVID–19 Spread

Voluntary social distancing and a lack of compliance with mandated polices have led to unnecessarily high infection rates and death tolls in a number of countries.
Dallas Fed Economics

Another Benefit of Trimming: Smaller Inflation Revisions

With the Dallas Fed’s Trimmed Mean Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) inflation rate, what you see in real time is closer to what you get after revision than is the case with the more conventional measure of core inflation, PCE excluding food and energy.
Dallas Fed Economics

Dallas Fed’s Texas Jobs Estimates Provide Early, Accurate Assessment

The Bureau of Labor Statistics annually revises regional job estimates in a process called benchmarking. A Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas adjustment provides researchers a more current means of assessing Texas economic conditions.
Dallas Fed Economics

An Assessment of Economic Conditions and the Stance of Monetary Policy

In his latest essay, posted on Dallas Fed Economics, President Rob Kaplan provides his assessment of current economic conditions, the outlook for the energy industry, and the current stance of monetary policy.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas Rebound Likely Slowed by Renewed COVID-19 Impact on Services, Retail

Indicative of slowing job expansion, the Texas unemployment rate rose to 8.3 percent in September from 6.8 percent in August and exceeded the national rate (7.9 percent) for the first time since March.
Dallas Fed Economics

Dallas Fed Energy Survey Suggests Oil Price Drop Won’t Cause Sector Collapse in 2019

Following a banner year in 2018, will U.S. oil producers retrench and reduce capital spending after the recent double-digit oil price decline? The latest Dallas Fed Energy Survey provides some clues about what may be next.
Dallas Fed Economics

Economics of Love: Rejection Worth Chance at Dream Date

With the advance of social networks and increasing prevalence of online dating, the question of how men and women match up has gained importance in economics and society.
Dallas Fed Economics



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