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Which Core to Believe? Trimmed Mean Versus Ex-Food-and-Energy Inflation

Twice since 2014, core personal consumption expenditures (PCE) inflation—inflation excluding food and energy—decelerated sharply, only to ultimately reverse course.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas Economy Rebounds from Year-End Slowdown, Grows at Moderate Pace

Texas economic activity expanded moderately in the first quarter after downshifting markedly in November and December.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas Economic Conditions Improve as Price Pressures Build

Economic conditions in Texas have improved, with the Texas Business Outlook Surveys in February showing a pickup in growth after a deceleration in January.
Dallas Fed Economics

Fed’s New Inflation Targeting Policy Seeks to Maintain Well-Anchored Expectations

The Fed’s evolving understanding of the economy and its reassessment of the natural rate of interest have led to arguably the most significant policy change since 2012.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Tracking U.S. GDP in Real Time

Measuring the current state of the U.S. economy in real time is an important but challenging task for monetary policymakers. The most comprehensive measure of the state of the economy?real gross domestic product?is available at a relatively low frequency (quarterly) and with a significant delay (one month). To obtain more timely assessments of the state of the economy, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has developed a GDP tracking model that combines new econometric methods with two conventional approaches to estimating GDP. {{p}} Taeyoung Doh and Jaeheung Bae review the Kansas City Fed ...
Economic Review , Issue Q III , Pages 5-19

The Value of Patience

In his latest essay, posted on Dallas Fed Economics, President Rob Kaplan provides his assessment of current economic conditions and implications for monetary policy.
Dallas Fed Economics

Dallas Fed Mobility and Engagement Index Gives Insight into COVID-19’s Economic Impact

To gain insight into the economic impact of the pandemic, we developed an index of mobility and engagement, based on geolocation data collected from a large sample of mobile devices.
Dallas Fed Economics

Domestic Migration to Texas Slows as National Labor Markets Tighten

Despite a strong economy and historically low unemployment rates in Texas, net domestic migration to Texas from other states has slowed since 2015.
Dallas Fed Economics

Global Perspectives: Banco de México’s Alejandro Díaz de León on COVID-19, Trade and Inflation Targeting

Díaz de León and Dallas Fed President Robert S. Kaplan discussed COVID-19, the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) and inflation targeting.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas Economy Soft in January, but Outlook Optimistic for Later in 2021

Regional economic conditions appeared to deteriorate in January after picking up at year-end, data show. Nonetheless, there is optimism regarding the outlook for growth later this year.
Dallas Fed Economics



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