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Keywords:Deposit insurance 

Journal Article
A note on the increase in noninsured commercial banks

Economic Perspectives , Volume 12 , Issue Nov

Working Paper
When do regulators close banks? When should they?

Working Papers , Paper 93-10

Conference Paper
General discussion

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 37 , Pages 147-160

Journal Article
Optimal deposit contracts: do-it-yourself bank-run prevention for banks

The need for federal deposit insurance is often based on the claim that it prevents bank runs and makes the banking system more stable. But research shows that banks could prevent bank runs by constructing their deposit contracts appropriately, and, in the absence of deposit insurance, they would do so in their own self interest. Federal deposit insurance may be useful as insurance per se?protecting depositors against unforeseen accidents?but it should not be considered necessary for banking system stability.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jan

Information problems and deposit constraints at banks

Following the investment-cash flow literature, we test whether bank lending is constrained by the availability of insured deposits--a necessary condition for the existence of bank lending channel of monetary policy. We treat insured deposits as a type of "internal fund," similar to cash flows. We use a simple model to sort out the possible identification issues in interpreting a lending-deposit correlation, including reverse causality and omitted variable bias. To minimize the latter, we split the sample of banks by leverage and also use deposit flows at sister banks within a holding ...
Research Paper , Paper 9731

Working Paper
Evolution, coordination, and banking panics

Working Papers , Paper 95-27

Working Paper
Bank equity values, bank risk, and the implied market value of banks' assets, liabilities, and deposit insurance

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 98

Conference Paper
The effect of bank risk on the price and availability of uninsured deposits

Proceedings , Paper 102

Journal Article
The false hope of the narrow bank

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
The federal safety net: not for banks only

Economic Perspectives , Volume 11 , Issue Nov



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