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Keywords:Banks and banking - Costs 

Journal Article
Challenges to small banks' survival

Business Review , Issue Sep , Pages 15-27

Journal Article
How efficient are Third District banks?

Business Review , Issue Jan , Pages 3-18

Journal Article
Efficient production of financial services: scale and scope economies

Business Review , Issue Jan , Pages 15-25

Working Paper
The dominance of inefficiencies over scale and product mix economies in banking

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 107

Working Paper
Bank scale economies, mergers, concentration, and efficiency: the U.S. experience

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 94-23

Working Paper
Problem loans and cost efficiency in commercial banks

This paper addresses a little-examined intersection between the problem-loan literature and the bank-efficiency literature. We employ Granger causality techniques to test four hypotheses regarding the relationships among loan quality, cost efficiency, and bank capital. The data suggest that problem loans precede reductions in measured cost efficiency; that measured cost efficiency precedes reductions in problem loans; and that reductions in capital at thinly capitalized banks precede increases in problem loans. Hence, cost efficiency may be an important indicator of future problem loans and ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 1997-8

Working Paper
Megamergers in banking and the use of cost efficiency as an antitrust defense

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 203

Journal Article
The cost of checkable deposits in the United States

Review , Issue Apr , Pages 19-27

Journal Article
Income, expenses, and operating ratios of Eighth District member banks - 1970

Review , Volume 53 , Issue Aug , Pages 12-17

Journal Article
Income and expenses of Eighth District member banks - 1973

Review , Volume 56 , Issue Jul , Pages 8-10


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