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Keywords:Banks and banking - Costs 

Working Paper
Translog bias under declining average costs

Working Papers , Paper 95-13

Working Paper
An analysis of inefficiencies in banking: a stochastic cost frontier approach

This paper examines the properties of X-inefficiencies in U.S. banking firms. We find that, after controlling for scale differences, the average small size banking firm is less efficient than the aerate large firm. Smaller firms also exhibit higher variation in X-inefficiencies than their larger counterparts. X-inefficiency on average appears to be declining over time. However, the rank ordering of X-inefficiency is significantly correlated with smaller banking firms' stock returns. ; Published in FRBSF Economic Review (1996 no. 2, p. 16-26)
Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 95-12

Journal Article
An analysis of inefficiencies in banking: a stochastic cost frontier approach

This paper examines the properties of X-inefficiency and the relations of X-inefficiency with risk-taking and stock returns for U.S. banking firms. After controlling for scale differences, the average small size banking firm is found to be relatively less efficient than the average large firm. Small firms also exhibit higher variations in X-inefficiencies than their larger counterparts. While the average X-inefficiency appears to be declining over time, the rank orderings of X-inefficiency are found to be quite persistent. Furthermore, less efficient banking firms are found to be associated ...
Economic Review

Working Paper
Bank managers' objectives

Working Papers , Paper 94-8

Working Paper
The costs and benefits of moral suasion: evidence from the rescue of Long-Term Capital Management

This study examines the level of unsecured borrowing done by the firms that would ultimately rescue Long-Term Capital Management in the days leading up to the hedge fund's rescue. Although there is some evidence that these banks borrowed less at the height of the crisis, further examination reveals that this reduction in borrowing was demand-driven and did not result from rationing on the part of the market. This suggests that the market believed that the troubles at LTCM would not have solvency-threatening repercussions for the fund's major creditors. Further, it is shown that large banks ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-02-11

Working Paper
Technological change in large U.S. commercial banks

FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 88-6

Working Paper
Measuring efficiency when market prices are subject to adverse selection

In perfectly competitive markets, prices aggregate inputs and outputs into a money metric that allows production plans to be ranked by their profitability. When informational asymmetries in competitive markets lead to adverse selection, prices in these markets assume an additional role that conveys information about product quality. In the case of banking production, quality is linked to risk because prices are linked to credit quality. ; The problem of efficiency measurement is complicated by the additional role because quality varies with price and price is a decision variable of firms ...
Working Papers , Paper 98-3

Journal Article
Income and expenses of the Eighth District member banks

Review , Volume 59 , Issue Aug , Pages 23-26

Working Paper
Merger-related cost savings in the production of bank services

This paper utilizes a new flow measure of the true output of bank services to analyze the impact of mergers on the cost and productivity of Bank Holding Companies (BHCs) over the period 1987-1999. It shows that there are conceptual problems in the output measures used in previous studies, which may be the reason for their paradoxical findings: Bank mergers are estimated to lead to significant increases in profit, without cost savings or increases in market power. This paper also points out the problematic understanding of diversification in previous studies. To remedy these problems, this ...
Working Papers , Paper 03-8

Journal Article
Challenges to small banks' survival

Business Review , Issue Sep , Pages 15-27


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