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Keywords:Banks and banking - Costs 

Journal Article
How efficient are Third District banks?

Business Review , Issue Jan , Pages 3-18

Conference Paper
The \"big picture\" of bank diversification

Proceedings , Paper 669

Working Paper
Measuring efficiency at U.S. banks: accounting for heterogeneity is important

Estimates of bank cost efficiency can be biased if bank heterogeneity is ignored. The author compares X-inefficiency measures derived from a model that constrains the cost frontier to be the same for all banks in the nation and a model that allows the cost functions and error terms to differ across Federal Reserve Districts. The author finds that the data reject the single cost function model; X-inefficiency measures based on the single cost function model are, on average, higher than those based on the separate cost functions model; the distributions of the one-sided error terms on which ...
Working Papers , Paper 96-11

Working Paper
Optimal bank closure for deposit insurers

Working Papers , Paper 90-12

Journal Article
Does multiproduct production in large banks reduce costs?

Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 2-11

Working Paper
What explains the dramatic changes in cost and profit performance of the U.S. banking industry?

We investigate the sources of recent changes in the performance of U.S. banks using concepts and techniques borrowed from the cross-section efficiency literature. Our most striking result is that during 1991-1997, cost productivity worsened while profit productivity improved substantially, particularly for banks engaging in mergers. The data are consistent with the hypothesis that banks tried to maximize profits by raising revenues as well as reducing costs, and that banks provided additional services or higher service quality that raised costs but also raised revenues by more than the cost ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 1999-13

Working Paper
Accounting for the demand for financial capital and risk-taking in bank cost functions

Working Papers , Paper 93-17

Working Paper
Scope economies: fixed costs, complementarity, and functional form

Bank scope economies have been derived from either the standard or generalized (Box-Cox) multiproduct translog (or other logarithmic) functional form. Reported results have ranged from strong economies to diseconomies and are far from conclusive. The problem is functional form. An alternative composite form is shown to yield stable SCOPE results both at the usual point of evaluation and for points associated with quasi-specialized production (QSCOPE). Unstable results are obtained for the other forms. Scope economies are shown to exist for large U.S. banks in 1988 and to depend on the number ...
Working Paper , Paper 91-03

Journal Article
Bank mergers do not guarantee major cost savings

Financial Update , Issue Apr , Pages 1-2

A revenue-restricted cost study of 100 large banks

Research Paper , Paper 8806


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