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Series:Payments System Research Briefing 

Paper, plastic... or phone?

This article examines mobile-phone payment and banking alternatives in the United States. It explores prospects for growth, available technologies, and the outlook for one or more technologies coming to dominate the market.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue Dec

Interchange fees and network rules: a shift from antitrust litigation to regulatory measures in various countries

This article summarizes the global trends in public authority involvement in payment card pricing and rules, examines reasons for the shift to regulatory measures, and considers potential implications for the United States.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue Oct , Pages 1-5

Developments of QR Code-Based Mobile Payments in East Asia

Initiatives facilitating QR code-based mobile payments in Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong may address some pain points of banks, nonbanks, and merchants, but whether they address consumers’ depends on factors such as fragmentation and overall digital commerce experience
Payments System Research Briefing

Payments fraud : consumer considerations

This article examines the potential for fraud associated with various "traditional" payment methods and the protective measures that consumers should take when using them.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue May

Stored-value cards: a card for every reason

This article discusses the various uses of stored-value cards and the different degrees of their use and acceptance four years after their introduction.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue Jun

Still on Trial? The Court’s Use of Economic Analysis in the American Express Case

In a 2018 antitrust case, the Supreme Court ruled that American Express did not break federal laws in prohibiting merchants from steering consumers to alternative payment methods. However, some antitrust scholars disagree with how the court defined the relevant market and determined anticompetitive effects, and are concerned that the decision will make it more difficult to bring antitrust cases against payment platforms in the future.
Payments System Research Briefing

Are Contactless Payments Finally Poised for Adoption?

Two types of contactless payments, near-field communication (NFC) and quick response (QR) code, have seen a boost from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Payments System Research Briefing

Developments in merchant acquiring

This article discusses the origin and roles of merchant acquiring; the models for acquiring; and relevant developments in legislation, PCI compliance, and the Single Euro Payments Area.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue Sept

The Benefits of Collecting and Reporting Payment Fraud Statistics for the United States

This article argues that publication of fraud statistics helps the payment industry to coordinate security efforts, provides useful information for policymakers, and helps to promote consumer confidence in payments. However, while other countries regularly publish such statistics, it is an open question whether they will become available in the United States.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue October , Pages 1-5

Neobanks: Banks by Any Other Name?

Neobanks, or digital banks, are bank-like providers of financial services that operate through apps and aim to appeal to different consumer groups through innovative features and design. Whether or not neobanks evolve into full banks, they have the potential to affect the traditional banking model.
Payments System Research Briefing




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