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Author:Pranger, Ana 

Texas modestly grows with soft landing likely

Texas firms reported below-average output growth to start 2023, while employment and wage gains remained elevated despite indications of a softening labor market.
Dallas Fed Economics

Mounting Signs Point to a Texas Economic Slowdown

The most recent jobs report showed state employment was flat in August. The unemployment rate rose slightly to 4.1 percent (from 4.0 percent in July), and labor force and wage growth also eased.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas economic activity strengthens despite slowing job growth, greater price resistance

Texas employment growth slowed even as overall activity strengthened in August and September. Resistance to price increases rose.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Go Figure: If Texas were a country…

Texas is comparable to entire countries—and so are some of its urban areas.
Southwest Economy , Issue Fourth Quarter

Journal Article
Around the region: Texas metro unemployment rates drop but remain above early 2020 levels

Unemployment rates across Texas metros have come down quickly since the pandemic recession of 2020, though they remain above preoutbreak levels.
Southwest Economy , Issue Fourth Quarter

Texas economic growth outpaces nation despite persistent downside risks

Texas employment growth advanced in May, continuing to surpass the national average.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
New disruption from artificial intelligence exposes high-skilled workers

With workers still grappling with the consequences of automation, the lightning-speed pace of artificial intelligence (AI) development poses fresh concerns of a new wave of worker displacement.
Southwest Economy

Texas natives likeliest to ‘stick’ around, pointing to state’s economic health

Based on a calculation measuring the share of people born in each state who still live there, Texas is the nation’s “stickiest” state. The natives aren’t leaving.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Go Figure: Birth Rates Falling Faster in Texas than U.S.

Although birth rates in Texas remain higher than in the U.S., their decline since 2007 has been particularly noteworthy.
Southwest Economy , Issue Third Quarter

Slowing Texas economy remains on track for a soft landing

The impact of a still-strong Texas jobs market and moderating business activities and costs suggest that the state’s economy may be headed for a soft landing following Fed policymaker efforts to cool inflationary pressures.
Dallas Fed Economics




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