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Author:Jayashankar, Aparna 

Journal Article
Texas’ cheap housing edge slipping away as resilient demand outpaces supply

Housing affordability has declined in Texas, a top destination for domestic and international migrants drawn by its historically low cost of living.
Southwest Economy

EITC increases labor force participation among married Black mothers

Research has shown that the Earned Income Tax Credit, the largest of the U.S. antipoverty programs, boosts labor force participation among single mothers. It does not, in the aggregate, have the same effect on married mothers.
Dallas Fed Communities

Strong Texas job gains encounter economic uncertainty, signs of slowing

Weakness in Texas’ manufacturing sector has been largely offset by modest service sector growth, producing a mixed overall economic picture.
Dallas Fed Economics

Economic outlook weakens as job growth, inflation slow

The Texas economy is continuing to slow during the fourth quarter, with labor demand and manufacturing output softening and wage and price pressures easing.
Dallas Fed Economics

High inflation disproportionately hurts low-income households

Household survey results do not support Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman's recent suggestion that low-income families “have actually been hurt less by inflation than families with higher incomes.”
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Mexico awaits ‘nearshoring’ shift as China boosts its direct investment

When it comes to trading goods with the United States, Mexico would appear a logical sourcing alternative to China. Before the pandemic, increasing friction between the U.S. and China—the top supplier of goods imports to the U.S. in 2019—contributed to an anticipated “nearshoring” shift among companies dependent on Asia.
Southwest Economy

Texas shows signs of slowing; price pressures ease despite buoyant services

Texas job growth slowed in June, though it still exceeded the U.S. rate. Meanwhile, the state economy continued to expand despite the downshift in employment and weakness in manufacturing.
Dallas Fed Economics

Labor market recovery and wage growth unequal across age groups after pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic severely depressed U.S. labor force participation. Although the pandemic has eased, people ages 20–24 and those over 55 have been less likely to return to the workforce.
Dallas Fed Communities



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