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Author:Henderson, Jason 

Journal Article
An economic resurgence in the rural economy

Main Street Economist , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Farming, Finance and the Global Marketplace: a summary of the 2010 agricultural symposium

In 2008, surging commodity prices triggered promises of a new golden era for agriculture. While prospects dimmed during the recession, the recovery is rekindling hopes with rising commodity prices. On June 8 and 9, more than 180 agricultural business and finance leaders examined agriculture?s potential at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City?s symposium, ?Farming, Finance and the Global Marketplace.? Participants discussed how changes in the global marketplace are likely to affect the profitability and structure of agriculture.
Main Street Economist , Issue 4

Journal Article
The slow road back for the U.S. livestock industry

Main Street Economist , Issue 4

Journal Article
Will farmland values keep booming?

Lean supplies, strong export activity, and vibrant demand both at home and abroad have pushed crop prices to record highs, offsetting today?s spiraling production costs. As a result, farm profits and investments have soared, and farmland values have boomed. ; But commodity markets in agriculture can change directions abruptly?and so agricultural bankers and farm analysts naturally question the sustainability of today?s prosperity. The current agriculture boom is strikingly similar to those of the 1970s and mid-1990s, when the good times quickly faded as crop supplies increased, the dollar ...
Economic Review , Volume 93 , Issue Q II , Pages 81-104

Journal Article
Initial impacts of the 2012 drought

Main Street Economist , Issue 3

Journal Article
Termination of the Rabobank and Farm Credit Services of America sale

Main Street Economist , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Small bank lending : tapping opportunities for rural growth

Main Street Economist , Issue Aug

Journal Article
Will rural prosperity prevail in 2008?

The rural economy was strong in 2007. Record farm incomes were fueled by rising ethanol demand and by stronger export demand, which was driven in part by a weaker dollar. Farmers used the year?s higher profits both to strengthen their financial conditions and to boost investment in land and equipment. Meanwhile, businesses on Main Streets reaped benefits from the higher farm spending, and the fortunes of energy-dependent regions brightened with higher energy prices. ; As the year progressed, however, the outlook for the rural economy began to dim. Following national trends near the end of the ...
Economic Review , Volume 93 , Issue Q I , Pages 69-86

Journal Article
Will high farmland values hold?

Main Street Economist , Issue 6

Journal Article
Recession catches rural America

As the recession intensified in 2008, rural economies held firm. Through the first half of the year, strong commodity prices supported robust farm incomes and contributed to relatively stronger gains on Main Street. Moreover, the housing correction was less intense than in urban areas, and the financial crisis was less severe than on Wall Street. ; While these factors shielded the rural economy from the worst of the recession, rural America was not immune. The foundations of rural economic strength in 2008--high commodity prices, robust export activity, and rising ethanol demand--were ...
Economic Review , Volume 94 , Issue Q I , Pages 65-87


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