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Author:Gutkowski, Violeta A. 

Gauging COVID-19’s Ongoing Impact on LMI Communities

Building capacity to provide critical services to low- to moderate-income communities will be key to ensuring an equitable recovery and resiliency.
On the Economy

COVID-19 Disruptions by Race, Ethnicity and Geography: An Update

In 2021, low- to moderate-income (LMI) communities of color were still more likely to report disruptions than LMI communities that were primarily white.
On the Economy

Journal Article
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Access to COVID-19 Relief

Unequal access to relief programs may help explain why LMI communities of color were more likely to report pandemic-related disruptions than white LMI communities.
Economic Synopses

Journal Article
Lockdown Responses to COVID-19

This article describes the relationship between countries' lockdown responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and those countries' political rights and civil liberties, macroeconomic variables, and vulnerability to the virus. Political rights and civil liberties cannot explain the differences in lockdown timing across countries. Countries with high contagion exposure due to weak water sanitation and weak health systems locked down their economies as fast as possible to reduce contagion. However, countries more vulnerable to COVID-19 due to large fractions of elderly and smokers in the population did ...
Review , Volume 103 , Issue 2 , Pages 127-151

Racial Equity Could Produce Widespread Economic Gains

An analysis suggests that racial and ethnic equity in employment, hours worked, education and earnings could expand U.S. GDP by trillions of dollars.
Economic Equity Insights

Journal Article
How Is COVID-19 Impacting Eighth District LMI Communities? An Update

A Fed survey shows Eighth District communities continued recovering from COVID-19 disruptions, but returning to pre-pandemic conditions may still take time.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (4)

Journal Article
COVID-19’s Ongoing Effects on Early Childhood Education in St. Louis

What are the longstanding implications of the pandemic’s impact on the child care ecosystem in St. Louis?
Bridges , Volume 2020 (4)

Journal Article
Eighth District LMI Communities Respond to COVID-19’s Toll

Read a synopsis of the ways COVID-19 continues to impact LMI communities and individuals within the Eighth District of the Federal Reserve System.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (1)

Journal Article
Low- to Moderate-Income Community Development Outlook for Communities of Color in the Eighth District

Our Institute for Economic Equity reviews the economic conditions, including the impact of COVID-19, on LMI individuals and communities of color within our District.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (4)

The Role of Community-Based Organizations in Fostering Economic Equity

Low- to moderate-income communities continued to feel the effects of the pandemic in 2022. Though facing their own struggles, nonprofits helped them recover.
On the Economy




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