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Author:Fleming, Jessamyn 

Journal Article
Growing... but slowing? : an overview of New England's economic performance in 2006

New England?s economic performance was somewhat mixed during 2006. On one hand, all six states added jobs over the course of the year, and the region?s unemployment rate remained steady. The region as a whole picked up jobs in nearly all major industries. Export values and income and wages also increased. One the other hand, much of the economic growth experienced by the region was slower than that seen in the nation as a whole. Although the unemployment rate did not go up for the region, the nation saw joblessness decrease. Moreover, real estate markets, though weak nationwide, were even ...
New England Economic Indicators , Issue Jun , Pages 2-14

Journal Article
In the shadows of the national recovery: an overview of New England's economic performance in 2005

Annual review of the economic performance of the New England states.
New England Economic Indicators , Issue May , Pages 2-15

U. S. family income mobility and inequality, 1994 to 2004

This interactive graphic illustrates the mobility of U.S. families across income classes during the decade. The main finding is that family income mobility is limited: After sorting families observed in both 1994 and 2004 from poorest to richest across five income classes in each year, the data show that 40 percent of U.S. families were in the same income class in 2004 as in 1994 and only 22 percent moved up or down by more than one class. Those who start in the poorest or richest classes are the least likely to move: Over half of these families are in the same class in 2004 as in 1994. ...
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