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Growing... but slowing? : an overview of New England's economic performance in 2006

Abstract: New England?s economic performance was somewhat mixed during 2006. On one hand, all six states added jobs over the course of the year, and the region?s unemployment rate remained steady. The region as a whole picked up jobs in nearly all major industries. Export values and income and wages also increased. One the other hand, much of the economic growth experienced by the region was slower than that seen in the nation as a whole. Although the unemployment rate did not go up for the region, the nation saw joblessness decrease. Moreover, real estate markets, though weak nationwide, were even weaker in the region.

Keywords: Economic conditions - New Hampshire; Economic conditions - New England; Economic conditions - Maine; Economic conditions - Massachusetts; Economic conditions - Connecticut; Economic conditions - Vermont; Economic conditions - Rhode Island;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Part of Series: New England Economic Indicators

Publication Date: 2007

Issue: Jun

Pages: 2-14