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Author:Chalise, Nishesh 

Nonprofits Struggle in the Face of COVID-19

Amid surging demand for services, many nonprofits serving low- to moderate-income communities suffered staffing and funding constraints.
On the Economy

Gauging COVID-19’s Ongoing Impact on LMI Communities

Building capacity to provide critical services to low- to moderate-income communities will be key to ensuring an equitable recovery and resiliency.
On the Economy

Journal Article
Sustaining Success in Deploying ERA Funds in Louisville

The ERA program’s success in Louisville was built on collaboration among stakeholders across sectors. But maintaining that success will come with challenges.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (2)

Journal Article
How Is COVID-19 Impacting Eighth District LMI Communities? An Update

A Fed survey shows Eighth District communities continued recovering from COVID-19 disruptions, but returning to pre-pandemic conditions may still take time.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (4)

Journal Article
Effective Deployment of Louisville’s ERA Funding: Lessons Learned

Explore the topic of evictions and methods taken in Louisville to quickly distribute emergency rental assistance.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (1)

Journal Article
Eighth District LMI Communities Respond to COVID-19’s Toll

Read a synopsis of the ways COVID-19 continues to impact LMI communities and individuals within the Eighth District of the Federal Reserve System.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (1)

Journal Article
Investing in a Region of Opportunity: The Delta Philanthropy Forum

Two directors within the St. Louis Fed’s Community Development team share insights on how Eighth District stakeholders are working to advance a resilient and racially equitable Delta region.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (4)

Journal Article
Key Ways to Grow Early Childhood Education Offerings in St. Louis

Discover the impact of the early childhood education system in St. Louis and methods of potential growth.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (2)

The Role of Community-Based Organizations in Fostering Economic Equity

Low- to moderate-income communities continued to feel the effects of the pandemic in 2022. Though facing their own struggles, nonprofits helped them recover.
On the Economy




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