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Author:Bansak, Cynthia 

Discussion Paper
Changes in Women's Representation in Economics: New Data from the AEA Papers and Proceedings

The shortage of women and historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups in the economics profession has received considerable public attention in the past several years. The American Economic Association (AEA), the professional organization for economists, has been taking steps to address criticism that the economics discipline is unwelcoming to women and underrepresented minorities.
FEDS Notes , Paper 2021-08-06-2

Journal Article
Comparing Dodge's construction potentials data and the Census Bureau's building permits series

Economic Review , Volume 79 , Issue Mar , Pages 23-37

Journal Article
New Orleans economy slows after avoiding the brunt of recession

Regional Update , Issue Sum , Pages 3-4

Journal Article
Exploring the `gap' in Southeastern exports

Regional Update , Issue Apr , Pages 1-4

Journal Article
On the remitting patterns of immigrants: evidence from Mexican survey data

Understanding the remitting practices of immigrants has taken on new urgency for banks seeking to tap the potential of this burgeoning market as well as for economists, who note that remittance inflows into developing nations often match or exceed traditional sources of foreign currency earnings. ; To gain an understanding of who remits, how much and why they remit, and what transfer mechanisms they use, the authors review the basic trends in remittance transfers from Mexican immigrants in the United States?who account for about one-third of U.S. immigrants?to their families in Mexico. ; ...
Economic Review , Volume 90 , Issue Q 1 , Pages 37-58

Working Paper
Technology, capital spending, and capacity utilization

This paper examines the relationships between technology, capital spending, and capacity utilization. Recent technological changes have increased the flexibility of relationships between inputs and outputs in manufacturing, which may have eroded the predictive value of the utilization rate. This paper considers how technology might be expected to affect utilization. We show that recent changes could either lower average utilization by making it cheaper to hold excess capacity, or raise utilization by making further changes in capacity less costly and time-consuming. We then examine the ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2004-30

Journal Article
Manufacturing survey reveals continued output growth in the second quarter

Regional Update , Issue Jan , Pages 11-12

Journal Article
Nonresidential construction data available

Regional Update , Issue Jul , Pages 5-6