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Author:Anderson, Gerald H. 

Journal Article
Three common misperceptions about foreign direct investment

A repudiation of three common beliefs about foreign direct investment in the United States: that it is the result of the current-account deficit, that it is initiated primarily by the Japanese, and that it will result in the loss of U.S. economic independence.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jul

Journal Article
Forecasting turning points with leading indicators

An examination of the Composite Index of Leading Indicators and its record as a forecasting tool. The authors conclude that while the index can provide useful information about business peaks and troughs, its value is limited by a tendency to give false signals, and its worth greatly increases when used in combination with other indexes.
Economic Commentary , Issue Oct

Journal Article
The decline in U.S. agricultural exports

An analysis of factors that produced a 40 percent drop in U.S. agricultural exports between 1981 and 1986, with a discussion of the potential effects of dollar depreciation and the 1985 Food Security Act.
Economic Commentary , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Solutions to the international debt problem

A general discussion of the nature of the international debt problem and an analysis of a number of proposals for solving it.
Economic Commentary , Issue Aug

Journal Article
Regional interstate banking

A look at state initiatives in the interstate banking movement, including discussion about the economic and legal dimensions of regional banking pacts.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jun

Journal Article
Merchandise trade and the outlook for 1988

An explanation of why current forecasts that call for vast improvements in the U.S. trade balance and real net exports in 1988 may be too optimistic.
Economic Commentary , Issue Apr

Journal Article
How credible are capital spending surveys as forecasts?

A comparison of the reliability of the Commerce Department's capital spending survey with that of several alternative forecasts.
Economic Commentary , Issue Dec

Journal Article
Does dollar depreciation matter: the case of auto imports from Japan

The Japanese auto industry is used as a case in point to illustrate some of the ways in which firms operating in export markets cope with exchange-rate changes.
Economic Commentary , Issue May

Journal Article
Why U.S. managers might be more short-run oriented than the Japanese

A consideration of whether differences between U.S. and Japanese business practices have led the Japanese to focus on longer-run goals than we do.
Economic Commentary , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Two neglected implications of dollar depreciation

An estimation of the costs and benefits that dollar depreciation imposes through changes in the prices of imports and exports, and through changes in the potential purchasing power of U.S. international assets and liabilities.
Economic Commentary , Issue Oct