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Understanding the Long-Run Decline in Interstate Migration: Online Appendix

Abstract: This appendix contains eight sections. Section 1 gives technical details of how we calculate standard errors in the CPS data. Section 2 discusses changes in the ACS procedures before 2005. Section 3 examines demographic and economic patterns in migration over the past two decades, in more detail than in the main paper. Section 4 examines the cross-sectional variance of location-occupation interactions in earnings when we define locations by MSAs instead of states. Section 5 describes alternative methods to estimate the variance of location-occupation interactions in income. Section 6 measures the segregation of industries across states and of occupations and industries across MSAs. Section 7 gives technical details on the use of SIPP and census data to calculate repeat and return migration rates. Section 8 discusses transition dynamics in the model.

Keywords: Interstate migration; Labor mobility; Gross flows; Information technology; Learning;

JEL Classification: D83; J11; J24; J61; R12; R23;

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Publication Date: 2015-06-01

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