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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:Review 

Journal Article
Were banks special intermediaries in late nineteenth century America? commentary

Review , Issue May , Pages 33-36

Journal Article
Okun’s law over the business cycle: was the great recession all that different?

In 1962, Arthur Okun posited an empirical relationship between the change in the unemployment rate and real output growth. Since then, the media, policymakers, pundits, and intermediate macro students have used the so-called Okun?s law as a rule of thumb to relate changes in unemployment to changes in output growth. However, some studies have suggested that the relationship has not been stable over time. Furthermore, the slow recovery of U.S. unemployment relative to output after the Great Recession has led some to question whether Okun?s law has changed permanently. In this light, the ...
Review , Issue Sep , Pages 399-418

Journal Article
The new bank capital adequacy standards

Review , Volume 67 , Issue May , Pages 12-20

Journal Article
Let's not retreat in the fight against inflation

Review , Volume 52 , Issue May , Pages 7-11

Journal Article
Monetary and fiscal actions: a test of their relative importance in economic stabilization

Review , Volume 50 , Issue Nov , Pages 11-23

Journal Article
Do Family Structure Differences Explain Trends in Wealth Differentials?

Race and ethnic wealth differentials are wide and increasing. Some of the gaps are associated with education differences, but education alone cannot account for the substantially higher net worth of White families than of Black and Hispanic families. As of 2013, the median wealth of Black college graduate families had fallen to only 13 percent of the median wealth of White families. One possible explanation is the significantly lower shares of married couple and married parent households among minorities. For example, even among college graduates, only 41 percent of Black family heads were ...
Review , Volume 99 , Issue 1 , Pages 85-101

Journal Article
The behavior of retail gasoline prices: symmetric or not?

Review , Issue Jul , Pages 19-29

Journal Article
FOMC policy actions in 1972

Review , Volume 55 , Issue Mar , Pages 10-24

Journal Article
GSEs: Where Do We Stand?

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 601-612

Journal Article
Antitrust and payment technologies

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 41-54




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