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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:Review 

Journal Article
The GSEs: where do we stand?

This article was originally presented as a speech to the Chartered Financial Analysts of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, January 17, 2007.
Review , Volume 89 , Issue May

Journal Article
An appropriate international currency - gold, dollars, or SDRs?

Review , Volume 54 , Issue Aug , Pages 8-19

Journal Article
Discretion, rules and volatility - commentary

Review , Volume 78 , Issue May , Pages 75-79

Journal Article
Operations of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - 1977

Review , Volume 60 , Issue Apr , Pages 16-23

Journal Article
Taylor-type rules and total factor productivity

This paper examines the impact of a persistent shock to the growth rate of total factor productivity in a New Keynesian model in which the central bank does not observe the shock. The authors then investigate the performance of alternative policy rules in such an incomplete information environment. While some rules perform better than others, the authors demonstrate that inflation is more stable after a persistent productivity shock when monetary policy targets the output growth rate (not the output gap) or the price-level path (not the inflation rate). Both the output growth and price-level ...
Review , Volume 94 , Issue Jan , Pages 41-64

Journal Article
Bank runs and private remedies

Review , Issue May , Pages 43-61

Journal Article
1960s Interstate Highways and Homeowner Wealth Distribution

This article studies house-level real estate wealth distribution changes nearby a major interstate highway, comparing values before the announcement of the highway's construction (1940) with those during and shortly after the construction period (1961-74). We also develop Lorenz curves to examine the distribution of housing wealth among various demographic groups of homeowners. First, we find that properties at least a half-mile away from I-84 experienced statistically significant appreciation (on average). Houses further away, in 0.25 mile increments up to 1.25 miles, appreciated less. Our ...
Review , Volume 104 , Issue 4 , Pages 317-336

Journal Article
Outlook for food and agriculture - 1980

Review , Volume 61 , Issue Dec

Journal Article
Recent changes in handling bank failures and their effects on the banking industry

Review , Volume 67 , Issue Jun , Pages 21-28

Journal Article
The dubious success of export subsidies for wheat

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 38-47




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