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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:On the Economy 

STEM Skills among Foreign-born Workers in the U.S.

Census data show that college-educated foreign-born workers have a relatively larger presence in STEM occupations than those born in the U.S.
On the Economy

Using Data to Show When Recessions End

Could weekly data—such as the Weekly Economic Index—be used in calculating when recessions end, in addition to monthly and quarterly data?
On the Economy

Which Workers Have Been Most Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Occupations that earn less than $34,963 on average—such as cashiers, servers and janitors—accounted for 34% of the increase in unemployment from January to April.
On the Economy

Who Holds a Green Card?

Understanding the characteristics of U.S. permanent residents can provide insight into the future workforce.
On the Economy

The Impact of the Fed’s Response to COVID-19 So Far

Since the end of February, the assets of the Federal Reserve have grown by $3 trillion as the Fed has taken measures to alleviate the economic impact of the pandemic.
On the Economy

COVID-19 and the Importance of Testing

Using only the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases does not help us understand the scope of the pandemic.
On the Economy

Legal Marijuana Poses Policy Questions for States

In recent years, more states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. This raises economic questions for policymakers as they decide how to regulate cannabis.
On the Economy

A Desire to Make a Difference

Beatrice Weder di Mauro, president of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, witnessed good and bad economic policies during her childhood.
On the Economy

A Look at the Fed’s Emergency Lending Programs

The Federal Reserve launched an alphabet soup of programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
On the Economy

Why the Same Inflation Target May Not Fit All Countries

The central banks of many advanced economies have adopted an inflation target at around 2%. But should they use the same target?
On the Economy





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