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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:On the Economy 

Economic Development and the Evolution of Mortality

Since 1960, the gap in GDP per capita between rich and poor countries has remained wide. Yet the gap in death rates has practically vanished during that period.
On the Economy

Monetary Policy Surprises and Inflation Expectations

The private sector may slightly underestimate the short-term impact of monetary policy surprises on inflation but may predict longer-term effects fairly well.
On the Economy

Why Human Capital Matters Why Human Capital Matters

An economist at the St. Louis Fed discusses the growing importance of human capital in determining a nation’s income.
On the Economy

Can Economists Predict Recessions?

An analysis of 55 years of data from the Survey of Professional Forecasters suggests that quarter-ahead recession forecasts are fairly accurate but still have a great deal of uncertainty.
On the Economy

Observations of a Trust-Busting Economist

Nancy Rose, an economics professor at MIT, talks about her experience as deputy assistant attorney general for economic analysis in the antitrust division at DOJ.
On the Economy

Managing Liquidity Risk and the Importance of Bank Contingency Funding Plans

Federal banking regulators have issued updated guidance on funding and liquidity risk management to include the importance of contingency funding plans.
On the Economy

House Hunting in a Period of Social Distancing

Lower housing demand due to quarantine orders, slowing price growth and mortgage originations, and a historically high housing supply are all hitting the economy at the same time.
On the Economy

The COVID-19 Recession in Historical Perspective

How severe is the COVID-19 recession across the globe? An analysis compares GDP growth forecasts for 2020 with historical growth rates for 155 countries.
On the Economy

COVID-19’s Impact on U.S. Home Production

The large drop in weekly work hours during the pandemic led to increased time spent on activities like cooking and child care.
On the Economy

Employment Losses in Contact-Intensive Industries

The COVID-19 pandemic has had uneven effects on employment across industries. Nonessential contact-intensive industries have experienced the largest job losses.
On the Economy





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