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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:On the Economy 

What Types of Customer Data Do Fintech Firms Use?

Beyond cash flow and credit scores, technology-driven lenders have also looked at social media activity and phone ownership.
On the Economy

The Enduring Regional Economic Challenges Associated with the Pandemic

Families in the Eighth District states are already struggling because of the pandemic. Until COVID-19 is reined in, the economic effects will likely endure.
On the Economy

COVID-19: Forecasting with Slow and Fast Data

Forecasting tools that use slow data can lag significantly behind current economic conditions. What about forecasting tools using fast data?
On the Economy

Household Debt Relief Enters Critical Transition Period

The pandemic elicited many policy responses in support of consumer debt relief. These policies have already expired or will expire in 2022, ushering in a critical period of debt transition.
On the Economy

Jobs Hardest Hit by the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially affected labor markets. Which industries and occupations had the largest employment declines between February and April?
On the Economy

Market-Based Measures of Inflation Risks

Forecasts typically focus on estimates of expected inflation, but some forecasts look at the probability of different inflation rates in the future.
On the Economy

Importance of Studying Innovations in Payment Technologies

For several years, economists at the St. Louis Fed have been studying innovations in payment technologies such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain, James Bullard writes.
On the Economy

Ensuring That Your Voice Is Heard

Amanda Michaud, an economist and research officer at the St. Louis Fed, talks about life as an economist and her research on criminal justice policies and labor markets.
On the Economy

Investigating the Role of Geography in Economics

Hannah Rubinton, an economist at the St. Louis Fed, explores how geography might affect one’s college attainment.
On the Economy

Eighth District Businesses Report Stronger Inflationary Pressures

In a February survey, 43% of regional firms reported implementing price increases to customers that were higher than what they had originally planned.
On the Economy





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