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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:On the Economy 

How Fast Are COVID-19 Death Rates Declining? U.S. vs. Other Countries

The U.S. death rate from COVID-19 has fallen considerably from its peak, but it isn’t falling as fast as the rates in other countries.
On the Economy

Which Families Are Most Vulnerable to an Income Shock? A Look at Race and Ethnicity

While liquid assets, education and other factors are associated with how economically resilient families may be during a crisis, race and ethnicity are also related.
On the Economy

Early U.S. Trade Deficits and Industrialization

Trade deficits during the country’s first phase of industrialization did not inhibit U.S. development and may have facilitated industrialization.
On the Economy

COVID-19, School Closings and Labor Market Impacts COVID-19, School Closings and Labor Market Impacts

With schools closed due to COVID-19, many full-time workers may drop out of the labor force to take care of their children. Which groups of workers might be most affected?
On the Economy

Seeking and Giving Advice

When she entered college, Senior Economist Oksana Leukhina aspired to become an international diplomat. Her plans changed after she received a piece of timely advice.
On the Economy

Social Distancing, but Mostly during the Workweek?

Analyzing a new index from the Dallas Fed shows that a key component of social distancing—staying at home—seems to be happening nationally during the week but not as much on the weekends.
On the Economy

Startups Account for Smaller Share of U.S. Jobs

Since 1994, startup firms have seen their share of U.S. employment shrink.
On the Economy

How Recessions Impact Household Net Worth

Recouping net worth lost during three recessions proved uneven for those with the least wealth.
On the Economy

Corporate Bond Spreads and the Pandemic III: Variance across Sectors and Firms

Corporate bond spreads widened when COVID-19 initially began spreading, then spreads stabilized. How have spreads fared across individual sectors and issuances from the same firm?
On the Economy

COVID-19: What Do FREDcast Users Think about Economic Growth?

Professional forecasts abound, but what does the general public think will happen with the economy?
On the Economy





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