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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:In the Balance 

Periodic Essay
Wealth recovery still not complete, remains uneven across families and locations

In the Balance , Issue 6 , Pages 1-2

Periodic Essay
Housing rebound broadens the wealth recovery but much more is needed

In the Balance , Issue 5 , Pages 1-4

Periodic Essay
Household Wealth is at a Post-WWII High: Should We Celebrate or Worry?

In the Balance , Issue 17 , Pages 1-3

Periodic Essay
Hispanic population's share of wealth likely to increase by 2025

In the Balance , Issue 8 , Pages 1-4

Periodic Essay
As Fewer Young Adults Wed, Married Couples’ Wealth Surpasses Others’

As fewer young adults wed, those who are married have a larger concentration of housing wealth, while those who aren?t face more debt.
In the Balance , Issue 22 , Pages 1-9

Periodic Essay
Bankruptcy Rules and “Medicaid Churn” Affect Saving of Families Planning for Medical Bills

The use of bankruptcy to avoid medical bills and the sometimes transient nature of Medicaid play a role in low-income families? decisions about saving.
In the Balance , Issue 21 , Pages 1-5

Periodic Essay
Which Families Are Most Vulnerable to an Income Shock such as COVID-19?

Families without enough "safe" assets and too much debt are at risk—who else should policymakers and others target for economic assistance?
In the Balance

Periodic Essay
Despite aggressive deleveraging, generation X remains \\"generation debt\\"

In the Balance , Issue 9 , Pages 1-3

Periodic Essay
Unsteady progress: income trends in the Federal Reserve's survey of consumer finances

Short essays related to research on understanding and strengthening the balance sheets of American households.
In the Balance , Issue 2

Periodic Essay
Parents’ Wealth Helps Explain Racial Disparities in Student Loan Debt

The student loans black students are taking out to finance college may be contributing to racial wealth gaps.
In the Balance , Issue 19 , Pages 1-3




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