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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:Economic Synopses 

Journal Article
How negative is negative real GDP growth?

Most forecasters think the surprise first-quarter contraction is not a harbinger of another recession, but history suggests caution.
Economic Synopses , Issue 17

Journal Article
Unintended Consequences of Coronavirus-Related Unemployment Insurance Tax Laws

Waived employer payroll tax increases for state unemployment insurance appear to have increased layoffs.
Economic Synopses , Issue 21

Journal Article
The effect of the Fed’s purchase of long-term treasuries on the yield curve

Chairman Bernanke seems to suggest that the purchase of a large quantity of longer-term government securities might reduce longer-term rates.
Economic Synopses

Journal Article
Safe Occupations Are Growing

Health problems and disability claims have declined in the fastest-growing occupations.
Economic Synopses , Issue 11

Journal Article
Are U.S. Housing Markets Hot, Hot, Hot?

Some areas of the U.S. housing market are hotter now than during the 2002-06 boom.
Economic Synopses , Issue 21

Journal Article
Reducing the U.S. deficit by recycling capital inflows

The United States can simply recycle the financial capital inflows from China and re-export them back to China in the form of FDI. In so doing, the United States gains a substantially larger rate of return from FDI than China does from owning U.S. government bonds.
Economic Synopses

Journal Article
Multiple Jobholders

The most likely candidates to hold multiple jobs are not who you would expect.
Economic Synopses , Issue 32 , Pages 1-2

Journal Article
The mechanics behind manufacturing job losses

Manufacturing jobs as a percentage of private employment has fallen by half?from about 21 percent in 1987 to less than 11 percent today. Yet, manufacturing output as a percentage of private output is cyclical with a fairly flat trend averaging about 14 percent.
Economic Synopses

Journal Article
Resolving a banking crisis, the Nordic way

The Nordic bank resolution is widely regarded as among the most successful in history. ; Also issued as Monetary Trends, April 2009
Economic Synopses

Journal Article
The Economic and Epidemiological Impact of COVID-19 and Government Policies: Part 2

Health and containment policies were effective at curbing the spread of COVID-19, but at a significant economic cost. State-level economic support policies were effective at mitigating this cost and helped further curb the spread of the virus.
Economic Synopses , Issue 15 , Pages 1-3




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