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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:Bridges 

Journal Article
Innovative Partnership Brings Hope to Small Towns

An inspired partnership between Hope Federal Credit Union and Regions Bank has resulted in an expansion of banking services in the Mississippi Delta.
Bridges , Issue Summer

Journal Article
Digging into the St. Louis Fed’s Community Investment Explorer 2.0

Learn about a new interactive data tool created to help users analyze the equitable distribution of capital throughout the U.S. from 2012 to 2020.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (4)

Journal Article
Why Inclusive Development Matters to Rural Communities

Dive into an overview of Investing in Rural Prosperity, a joint publication from the St. Louis Fed and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors that focuses on ways rural communities are creating lasting economic prosperity.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (4)

Journal Article
An Economy of Neighborliness in the Missouri Ozarks

What is an equitable economy? How do you engage the underserved in the process of sustaining localized economies, especially in isolated spaces? How can underrepresented communities be the writers of their own collective and individual futures? These were some of the questions I set out to answer when I began organizing artists and food producers in Oregon County, Mo., in 2011.
Bridges , Issue Spring

Journal Article
Building Creative Communities

Colquitt, Ga., has used cultural tourism to bring itself and its autobiographical play, ?Swamp Gravy,? to life, becoming a national and international model of rural and economic development.
Bridges , Issue Spring

Journal Article
Fed’s PPP Liquidity Facility Provides CDFIs Balance Sheet Relief

Learn how the Federal Reserve’s Paycheck Protection Program Liquidity Facility has aided community development financial institutions in supporting small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (1)

Journal Article
What Happens When the Least of These Gives the Most?

Read about Oseola McCarty, whose savings behavior and sense of community brought her financial health and created a legacy of college scholarships and charitable donations.
Bridges , Issue Spring

Journal Article
Yes, We’re Open: Eighth District Small Businesses Forge Ahead

Dive into recent Eighth District findings from the Fed’s 2021 Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS).
Bridges , Volume 2021 (2)

Journal Article
Grassroots Neighborhood Revitalization in Hyde Park

Sun Ministries in North St. Louis is providing opportunities to hard-to-employ residents through enterprises including a woodshop, cafe, maintenance business and more?all with no public funding.
Bridges , Issue Winter

Journal Article
Effective Deployment of Louisville’s ERA Funding: Lessons Learned

Explore the topic of evictions and methods taken in Louisville to quickly distribute emergency rental assistance.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (1)




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