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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Series:Bridges 

Journal Article
Redlining Louisville Project: Early Lessons Learned

Imagine if all your hard work and aspirations were crippled by a small handful of individuals with low expectations for your future success, credibility or worth. Read about the redlining practices in America that did just that.
Bridges , Issue Summer

Journal Article
Sustaining Success in Deploying ERA Funds in Louisville

The ERA program’s success in Louisville was built on collaboration among stakeholders across sectors. But maintaining that success will come with challenges.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (2)

Journal Article
Coordinated Funding Strategies for Equitable Development

Learn how the Delta Philanthropy Forum and St. Louis Community Development Funders Forum support their regions’ ability to deploy capital for equitable economic growth.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (3)

Journal Article
Here Comes the Neighborhood: Breathing New Life into the Inner City, One Mortgage at a Time

Learn about Gateway Neighborhood Mortgage program and its strategies for increasing the purchase and renovation of homes.

Journal Article
Shifting Dynamics in Eighth District Cities

From 2017 to 2018, the cities of St. Louis, Little Rock, Louisville and Memphis had better commute times and cheaper housing but higher income inequality and lower median household incomes.

Journal Article
A Global Perspective of the U.S. Workforce in the Midst of Technological Advancement

Learn about the need to create systems that better reflect the demands of the global workforce in an age when technology threatens to displace many workers.
Bridges , Issue Fall

Journal Article
CRA: An Examiner's Perspective Reviewing Community Development Activities for the Four Ws

Periodic review and monitoring of CRA community development activities may help an institution to achieve its CRA goals.
Bridges , Issue Summer

Journal Article
Closing the Skills Gap Using Employer Partnership

This article explores an anchor partnership in Memphis, Tenn., that supports workforce development, career readiness and economic mobility.

Journal Article
Q&A: Black Executives on Equitable Funding

What is your definition of true equity? Three Black executives share their personal insights and tips on counteracting funding inequality.
Bridges , Volume 2020 (4)

Journal Article
Working Together to Address the Wealth Gap

Learn how the Asset Funders Network is working to promote economic opportunity and financial security for everyone.
Bridges , Issue Winter




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