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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 

Making change: reinventing the Federal Reserve

Essay from the 1997 Annual Report.
Annual Report

Journal Article
Current economic conditions in the Eighth Federal Reserve District. St. Louis Zone

Burgundy Books , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Payroll jobs and GDP

National Economic Trends , Issue May

Conference Paper
Discretion, rules and volatility - commentary

Proceedings , Volume 78 , Issue May , Pages 80-82


A simple and prudent approach to current monetary policy is to move the policy settings closer to normal levels now that the goals of policy have been attained, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said during the Cato Institute's 33rd Annual Monetary Conference in Washington, D.C. However, with the topic of the conference being "Rethinking Monetary Policy," he also discussed the consequences of a situation in which the zero interest rate policy remains a persistent feature of the economy.
Speech , Paper 256

Milton and money stock control

Milton Friedman Luncheon, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Mo., July 31, 2007
Speech , Paper 118

Journal Article
Money stock control under alternative definitions of money

Review , Volume 61 , Issue Nov , Pages 3-9

Journal Article
Patterns of interstate migration in the United States from the survey of income and program participation

The authors describe the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) as a data source for migration studies. The SIPP is a panel dataset that provides information on income, employment outcomes, and participation in government programs. Survey participants are interviewed for up to four years even if they move to a new household or that household migrates within the United States. This unique longitudinal design gives the survey a strong advantage over traditional data sources. The authors illustrate differences in the propensity for interstate migration among different demographic ...
Review , Volume 93 , Issue May , Pages 169-186

Working Paper
Realignments of target zone exchange systems: what do we know?

This article surveys recent work on forecasting realignments and estimating the credibility of target zones. The literature finds that realignments are somewhat predictable from readily available information such as interest rates and position of the exchange rate within the band. The relationship between realignment expectations and macrovariables is weak and uncertain. Realignments are said to "surprise" policy makers and market participants; they can only be predicted a short time before they happen. Further work on the formation of expectations would be an important contribution to future ...
Working Papers , Paper 1994-020

Working Paper
New economy - new policy rules?

The U.S. economy appears to have experienced a pronounced shift toward higher productivity over the last five years or so. We wish to understand the implications of such shifts for the structure of optimal monetary policy rules in simple dynamic economies. Accordingly, we begin with a standard economy in which a version of the Taylor rule constitutes the optimal monetary policy for a given inflation target and a given level of productivity. We augment this model with regime switching in productivity, and calculate the optimal monetary policy rule in the altered environment. We find that in ...
Working Papers , Paper 2000-019



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