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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  Series:Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory 

Working Paper
Growth and inflation: a cross-country study

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 94-08

Working Paper
On the limitations of government borrowing: a framework for empirical testing: comment

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 87-07

Working Paper
Conditional risk and return in bank holding company stocks: a factor- GARCH approach

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 94-02

Working Paper
Deposit insurance, risk, and market power in banking

A fixed-rate deposit insurance system provides a moral hazard for excessive risk taking and is not viable absent regulation. Although the deposit insurance system appears to have worked remarkably well over most of its 50-year history, major problems began to appear in the early 1980s. This paper addresses the puzzle of why major problems began to arise in the early 1980s and not sooner. ; The hypothesis is that increases in competition caused bank charter values to decline, which, in turn, caused banks to- increase default risk through increases. in asset risk and reductions in capital. This ...
Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 88-07

Working Paper
Speculative attacks on pegged exchange rates: an empirical exploration with special reference to the European Monetary System

This paper presents an empirical analysis of speculative attacks on pegged exchange rates in 22 countries between 1967 and 1992. We define speculative attacks or crises as large movements in exchange rates, interest rates, and international reserves. We develop stylized facts concerning the univariate behavior of a variety of macroeconomic variables, comparing crises with periods of tranquility. For ERM observations we cannot reject the null hypothesis that there are few significant differences in the behavior of key macroeconomic variables between crises and non-crisis periods. This null ...
Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 95-04

Working Paper
Leaving Los Angeles: migration, economic opportunity and the quality-of-life

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 96-10

Working Paper
A distributed lag analysis of milk production response

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 6

Working Paper
Monetary policy regimes and international term structures of interest rates

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 83-02

Working Paper
Determinants of long-run labor productivity growth: a selective survey with some new empirical results

Using cross-country data, we review the empirical evidence concerning long-term labor and total factor productivity growth. We find that the conclusions one can draw from cross-country data are surprisingly modest. Nevertheless, we confirm the crucial role for physical capital accumulation in enhancing labor productivity growth and develop a role for human capital in an endogenous growth framework. We also find that the performances of so-called "ancillary variables" are rather insignificant in the presence of proxies for physical and human capital stocks.
Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 94-17

Working Paper
Real and financial linkages in the macroeconomic response to budget deficits: an empirical investigation

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 86-04




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