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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  Series:Proceedings 

Conference Paper
The role of financial policies and institutions in Korea's economic development process

Proceedings , Issue Dec , Pages 115-136

Conference Paper
Escape from New York: the market impact of loosening disclosure requirements

We examine the first significant deregulation of U.S. disclosure requirements since the passage of the 1933/1934 Exchange and Securities Acts: the 2007 SEC Rule 12h-6. Rule 12h-6 has made it easier for foreign firms to deregister with the SEC and thereby terminate their U.S. disclosure obligations. We document that the market reacted negatively to the announcement by the SEC that firms from countries with weak disclosure and governance regimes could more easily opt out of the stringent U.S. reporting and legal environment. We also document that since the rule?s passage, an unprecedented ...
Proceedings , Issue Jan

Conference Paper
Defining the issues--monetary aggregates and monetary policy in a deregulated world

Proceedings , Issue Nov , Pages 1-19

Conference Paper
Banking and currency crises; how common are twins?

Proceedings , Issue Sep

Conference Paper
Macroeconomic risk and banking crises in emerging market countries: business fluctuations with financial crashes

This paper investigates the interaction between aggregate risk, financial fragility, and the macroeconomic performance of emerging market countries when asymmetric information at the level of firms and banks gives rise to agency costs. Two-sided debt contracts are the funding mechanism through which banks borrow from international investors and lend to domestic firms. Banks are risky because their portfolio returns hinge on the strength of the economy which represents a non-diversifiable aggregate risk. Banking crises are sporadic and driven by fundamentals. Macroeconomic risk affects ...
Proceedings , Issue Jun

Conference Paper
The roles of comovement and inventory investment in the reduction of output volatility - discussion

Proceedings , Issue Nov

Conference Paper
The impacts of monetary and fiscal actions on a trade-oriented economy ( Republic of China)

Proceedings , Issue 1 , Pages 211-221

Conference Paper
The financial crisis and global policy reforms

Proceedings , Issue Oct , Pages 299-334

Conference Paper
Foreign exchange rate regime and policy in Korea, 1980-1992

Proceedings , Issue Sep




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