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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
The response of real output and inflation to monetary policy

Economic Review , Issue Sum , Pages 45-70

Journal Article
The Reagan economic plan--discussion

Economic Review , Issue Fall suppl

Journal Article
An intersectoral analysis of the secular productivity slowdown

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 7-28

Journal Article
Do interest rates still affect housing?

Economic Review , Issue Sum , Pages 3-14

Journal Article
Water policy in California and Israel

Water policies throughout the world often avoid market-determined allocations. In this article, we focus on case studies of Israel and California. Despite major cultural and political differences, it is found that water is heavilty controlled through similar administrative mechanisms in both areas. Moreover, in both cases, these controls have led to inefficient allocation schemes favoring agriculture at the expense of other uses. This article examines the institutional factors that have led to such controls, and argues that adopting a new regulatory framework similar to that used to ...
Economic Review

Journal Article
Tax policy and corporate capital structure

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 37-51

Journal Article
Leverage, monetary policy, and firm investment

In this paper, I investigate whether the effects of monetary policy on firm investment can be transmitted through leverage. I find that monetary contractions reduce the growth of investment more for highly leveraged firms than for less leveraged firms. The results suggest that the board credit channel for monetary policy exists, and that it can operate through leverage, as adverse monetary shocks aggravate real debt burdens and raise the effective costs of investment.
Economic Review

Journal Article
Japanese monetary policy, flow of funds, and domestic financial liberalization

Economic Review , Issue Sum , Pages 21-32

Journal Article
Towards a theory of international banking

Economic Review , Issue Spr , Pages 5-8

Journal Article
Financial markets and uncertainty

Economic Review , Issue Sum , Pages 3-4




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