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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
Predicting the money stock: a comparison of alternative approaches

Economic Review , Issue Spr , Pages 38-54

Journal Article
Real business cycles: a selective survey

Economic Review , Issue Spr , Pages 3-17

Journal Article
Reactions to uncertainty

Economic Review , Issue Sum , Pages 4-5

Journal Article
Liquidity constraints on consumption: the real effects of \"real\" lending policies

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 39-52

Journal Article
The effects of industry employment shifts on U.S. wage structure, 1979-1995

The trend toward increasing U.S. wage inequality during the 1980s is well documented. I investigate the role of employment shifts from goods-producing to service-producing industries in contributing to increased inequality during the period 1979-1995. Earlier analyses revealed that average earnings are lower, and earnings inequality is higher, for service-producing workers than for goods-producing workers. For both reasons, and increasing share of service employment may increase earnings inequality. I analyses the effect of broad industry employment shifts by using a recently developed ...
Economic Review

Journal Article
Practical monetarism and the stock market

Economic Review , Issue Spr , Pages 39-53

Journal Article
Consumer sentiment: its causes and effects

This paper finds that consumer attitudes, as reflected in surveys of consumer sentiment, have a significant influence on household purchases of durable goods. Normally, consumer sentiment moves with current economic conditions and bears a stable relationship to a few economic variables. At times of a major economic or political event like the Gulf War, however, consumer sentiment can move independently from current economic conditions. At such times it provides useful information about future consumer expenditures that is not otherwise available.
Economic Review

Journal Article
International banking

Economic Review , Issue Spr , Pages 3-4

Journal Article
Flexible exchange rates, multinational corporations, and accounting standards

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 44-55

Journal Article
Revisions in the \"flash\" estimates of GNP growth: measurement error or forecast error?

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 5-13




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