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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  Series:Community Investments 

Journal Article
Community development in dynamic neighborhoods: synchronizing services and strategies with immigrant communities

Community Investments , Volume 18 , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Responding to a Growing Retirement Savings Crisis: A Promising Proposal in Illinois

Forty-five percent of all working-age households in the United States, or over 38 million households, have no retirement savings at all. A major reason for inadequate savings is the growing lack of access to an employment-based retirement savings account. Lower-wage workers are less likely to have access to easy and convenient tools to build retirement savings. New and proposed state-level programs, however, can offer these workers the opportunity to save their own money for retirement by expanding access to employment-based retirement savings accounts.
Community Investments , Issue 02

Journal Article
Connecting Housing and Health Care through Community Development

Learn about a cross-sector initiative linking affordable homes with health care facilities to comprehensively address community needs and improve well-being for lower-income residents.
Community Investments , Issue 01

Journal Article
Affordable housing in high cost areas : an introduction

Community Investments , Volume 17 , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Return on investment: the mixed balance sheet of community development research

Research can help us to make programs more efficient, helping more people for less public outlay.
Community Investments , Volume 20 , Issue Win

Journal Article
Making the connection: transit-oriented development and jobs

Transit-oriented development (TOD) can serve the needs of working families?particularly those with low- and moderate-incomes?by linking workers to viable employment opportunities through strategically located affordable housing and accessible transit options. This article discusses the potential of economic development subsidies to support TOD and highlights ideas for communities seeking to link residents to good jobs through TOD. In addition, it presents examples of innovative TOD projects in Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Portland, OR; and Redmond, WA.
Community Investments , Volume 22 , Issue Summer

Journal Article
Community change initiatives from 1990-2010: accomplishments and implications for future work

Community Investments , Volume 22 , Issue Spr

Journal Article
San Francisco’s new model for mixed-income housing: HOPE SF

Community Investments , Volume 21 , Issue Sum

Journal Article
The economics of early childhood development as seen by two Fed economists

Community Investments , Volume 19 , Issue Fall

Journal Article
CDFI industry analysis: summary report

The Carsey Institute and the CDFI Fund conducted a detailed analysis of a large sample of CDFIs on issues of capitalization, liquidity and portfolio, and risk management by CDFIs from 2005 to 2010.
Community Investments , Volume 24 , Issue Sum




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