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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  Series:Community Investments 

Journal Article
Peer-to-peer lending and community development finance

The growth of the peer-to-peer lending industry has promising implications for innovations in the community development finance industry.
Community Investments , Volume 21 , Issue Win

Journal Article
Community Investments, Vol 25, Issue 1: Data Snapshot

Figures include: Average Housing and Transportation Costs vs. Incomes for Moderate-Income Households by Metro Area ; Average Renter Wage vs. Housing Wage ; Renters Paying More than 30% of Income on Housing by Metro Area.
Community Investments , Issue 01

Journal Article
San Francisco’s new model for mixed-income housing: HOPE SF

Community Investments , Volume 21 , Issue Sum

Journal Article
Banking conditions in the 12th District: Has the recovery taken hold?

The recession officially ended in June, 2009, yet more than a year later, many banks throughout the nation are struggling to recover from the downturn. This is especially pronounced in the 12th District. This article addresses some of the issues that contributed to the still-prevalent banking crisis, discusses emerging signs of improving banking conditions, and considers the headwinds that the banking industry will continue to face as it mounts its recovery.
Community Investments , Volume 22 , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Community profile: Arizona

Community Investments , Volume 18 , Issue Oct

Journal Article
CDFI bond: opportunity of a decade

The CDFI Bond Guarantee Program offers affordable, long term, government guaranteed debt financing to promote community and economic development.
Community Investments , Volume 23 , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Understanding the Wealth Gap: How Did We Get Here?

The damaging impact of the foreclosure crisis and recession on homeownership ? the main pathway for building wealth, especially for low- and moderate-income (LMI) households ? brought into stark relief the need for better access to stable, diversified savings strategies. At the same time, it is critical to recognize that homeownership remains one of the largest and most vital assets for many families. In this article, we detail the traditional role of homeownership in building overall wealth, explain why LMI households and households of color found themselves particularly vulnerable to loss ...
Community Investments , Issue 02

Journal Article
Back to school and back to work: community colleges and workforce development

Community Investments , Volume 21 , Issue Spr

Journal Article
Building literacy skills and transforming lives

Over 30 million adults in the U.S. can't read or write well enough to perform daily tasks. Read about successful approaches to building adult literacy skills.
Community Investments , Volume 23 , Issue Fall

Journal Article
The Partnership for the Green Dividend

How sustainability can protect the environment while creating employment and economic opportunities on the local level.
Community Investments , Issue 01




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