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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  Series:Community Development Innovation Review 

Journal Article
Community land trusts work in the best and worst of times

Recently I gave a speech at the National Community Land Trust Network?s annual meeting in Boston to talk about the important role that community land trusts have in our neighborhoods by promoting stability through affordable housing and economic development opportunities. Those efforts are always welcomed and needed under normal conditions, and they are appreciated and needed even more so as we cope with unprecedented economic challenges not seen since the Great Depression.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 1 , Pages 73-75

Journal Article
Policy lessons from the Neighborhood Stabilization Innovations Initiative

This article attempts to capture some of the major lessons learned from the Neighborhood Stabilization Innovations Initiative, a series of demonstration programs funded with a $2.75 million grant from the Citi Foundation to the Housing Partnership Network (HPN), as well as drawing from the individual experiences of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership. We hope that these lessons can inform public policies in housing and neighborhood stabilization, thereby ensuring that public resources are spent effectively to meet housing and community development goals.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 02 , Pages 07-14

Journal Article
Partners in Progress Case Study: Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida

Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida (NHSSF) proved the cross-silo approach in an especially compelling way: Its work in the 79th Street Corridor did not conform to any generally recognized neighborhood but instead spanned portions of five jurisdictions between two separate cities, Miami and Hialeah. Through patient engagement with justifiably skeptical, long-neglected residents of the corridor, and with all the different officials, NHSSF is on its way to bringing jobs, affordable housing, small-business services, and perhaps most importantly, a sense of hope and buy-in to the ...
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 1 , Pages 143-152

Journal Article
Learning social metrics from international development

The goal of community development should be to improve the lives of as many disadvantaged people as possible with a minimum amount of resources. The field can achieve this goal by identifying those community development projects that are both efficient and have significant social impacts, and then scaling up. However, without effective evaluations, it is impossible to gauge progress. Effective evaluations include randomized experiments and well-designed observational studies, both of which can measure the impact to society. This article analyzes the best evaluation methods in international ...
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 01 , Pages 071-113

Journal Article
Using high-transparency banks to reconnect money and meaning

High-transparency banking is feasible and emerging. Public-interest accountability metrics can support a new crop of more trustworthy banks, highly-transparent as to their environmental and social impacts and corporate governance practices. To achieve scale, federal banking reform could include special charters and support for high-transparency banks, a new class of banks that develop and make publicly available the open technology standards needed to underwrite, incentivize and exchange transactions that produce positive environmental and social impacts.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 2 , Pages 18-29

Journal Article
Translating plain English: can the Peterborough Social Impact Bond construct apply stateside?

Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 01 , Pages 058-070

Journal Article
Building a Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health “Community of Solution” in Rural Colorado

Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 1 , Pages 81-90

Journal Article
A role for the Feds? the opportunities and challenges in a federal government role in measuring and defining social impact in the impact investing field

Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 01 , Pages 69-72

Journal Article
Mental Health, Climate Change, and Community Development: Strengthening Core Capabilities to Promote Community Resilience

Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 1 , Pages 69-80

Journal Article
Case study from application to construction: Clearinghouse CDFI puts new markets tax credits to work

Two Community Development Financial Institutions share their stories of how they created CDEs and successfully applied to the CDFI Fund for NMTCs. Both financed innovative projects with their tax credits. In these two articles, they share their experiences and lessons learned in applying for and using tax credits to make community-enhancing investments.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 1 , Pages 37-42




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