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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  Series:Asia Focus 

Periodic Essay
Credit bureaus in Asia

Rising personal income levels and increasingly competitive lending markets have led to rapidly growing consumer credit in Asian economies during the past decade. However, in many cases this expansion of credit outstripped financial institutions ability to manage the associated increase in credit risk. The rising number of credit card defaults and subsequent personal bankruptcies in economies including South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the early- to mid-2000s demonstrated the need for Asian lending institutions to employ more robust credit risk management tools. Credit bureaus, which ...
Asia Focus , Issue Oct

Periodic Essay
Priority sector lending in Asia

This Asia Focus discusses Asia?s experience with priority sector lending, reviews the current state-level priority sector lending policies in several Asian economies, assesses the implications for the respective domestic banking systems, and examines potential alternative mechanisms to encourage lending to priority sectors.
Asia Focus , Issue Sept

Periodic Essay
Shadow banking in China: expanding scale, evolving structure

This Asia Focus provides an overview of shadow banking activities in China, their close ties with banks, reasons behind their rapid rise, the range of participants and products, and regulatory issues.
Asia Focus , Issue Apr

Periodic Essay
Financial system reform in Thailand

In 2004 Thailand began to implement the Financial Sector Master Plan (FSMP), a long-term reform program aimed at creating a more efficient, transparent, and internationally competitive financial sector that can serve a larger proportion of the Thai population. With the first phase of the FSMP completed in 2009, Thailand announced that a second phase of financial sector reforms will begin in 2010. This Asia Focus report provides an overview of the FSMPs development, highlights key reform measures completed under Phase I, and describes measures proposed under Phase II and some of the challenges ...
Asia Focus , Issue July

Periodic Essay
Hong Kongs role in the movement toward a more integrated greater Chinese marketplace

This Asia Focus evaluates Hong Kongs role in the changing economic and financial connections between Mainland China and Taiwan.
Asia Focus , Issue Jan

Periodic Essay
China's banking sector

Asia Focus , Issue Mar

Periodic Essay
Japan's cross-shareholding legacy: the financial impact on banks

Japanese banks' financial results for the Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) March 2009 marked their worst performance in recent years. Although soaring loan loss charges contributed to the banks' weak performances, losses on equity securities were also a key driver. These losses have drawn renewed attention to the practice of Japanese banks owning stock in the companies to which they lend through so-called cross-shareholdings, and the market risk resulting from these holdings. This Asia Focus provides a brief background on the development of cross-shareholding. The report also examines some of the ...
Asia Focus , Issue Aug

Periodic Essay
Asian banking in challenging financial times

On June 25, 2009, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco held a symposium entitled Asian Banking in Challenging Financial Times. The symposium was part of the Country Analysis Units Asia Program, which aims to share information on issues and developments in Asian financial sectors with business and community leaders in the 12th Federal Reserve District and more broadly. This Asia Focus provides a brief summary report on the discussions held at that symposium.
Asia Focus , Issue Sep

Periodic Essay
Microfinance in the Philippines

This Asia Focus report reviews the growth of the Philippines microfinance industry and discusses the implications of commercial banks entering this market.
Asia Focus , Issue Jan

Periodic Essay
Rural banking in China

This Asia Focus report presents an overview of Chinas rural banking system, historical and recent reforms, and additional areas for improvement.
Asia Focus , Issue May




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