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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  Series:Asia Focus 

Periodic Essay
Vietnams banking sector

Each year, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (FRBSF) travels on a fact-finding trip to Asia. These trips advance two of the Banks broad objectives: serving as a repository of expertise on economic, banking, and financial issues relating to the Pacific Rim and building ties with policymakers and economic officials there. The knowledge gained and the contacts developed during these trips provide valuable input to understanding trends affecting the Twelfth District, carrying out responsibilities in banking supervision, and conducting monetary policy and promoting the ...
Asia Focus , Issue Feb

Periodic Essay
Non-banks and retail payments: innovations in China and the United States

This Asia Focus examines the role that non-banks play in retail payment systems, compares the structure of the retail payments industry in United States and China, and discusses potential risks to the financial system.
Asia Focus , Issue Jan

Periodic Essay
Foreign banks' new China strategy

Asia Focus , Issue Jul

Periodic Essay
Implementation of anti-money laundering standards in Asia

Global money laundering and terrorist financing activities impose significant costs on the world economy by damaging the effective operations of national economies. In response to the challenges posed by these activities, Asian governments and regulators have strengthened their anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) regimes by adopting standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental agency that develops and promotes policies to combat AML/CFT. Economies in the region have strengthened AML laws, established financial ...
Asia Focus , Issue Nov

Periodic Essay
Postal savings reform in Northeast Asia: Japan and South Korea

This issue of the Asia Focus is the first of a two-part series discussing recent developments affecting postal savings programs in Japan, South Korea, and China. Part One of the series reviews the historical underpinnings of the Japanese and South Korean postal savings programs and discusses recent reform efforts and current challenges. Part Two of the series will describe the development of the Chinese postal savings program and will provide a comparison of all three postal savings programs.
Asia Focus , Issue Jul

Periodic Essay
Accounting regulatory architecture in Asia

Accounting regulatory regimes play a critical role in ensuring the reliability of financial data and the credibility of a company, and ultimately in supporting the stability of an economy. For the United States, the collapse of the Enron Corporation and the eruption of other financial statement related scandals a decade ago stand as clear reminders of the importance of reliable audit reviews and adequate regulatory oversight. These scandals led to the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (Sarbanes- Oxley Act). This legislation created an independent accounting oversight board to ...
Asia Focus , Issue Apr

Periodic Essay
Recent developments in Asian deposit guarantee programs

In response to recent global financial turmoil, governments around the world have adopted various policy measures to support their respective financial systems. A number of countries in Asia have changed the terms of their deposit insurance programs to provide expanded coverage. Four economiesTaiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysiahave recently announced that they will provide an unlimited guarantee of all deposits on a temporary basis. The guarantees, aimed at bolstering confidence in local financial markets and ensuring that banks continue to operate normally, were announced in rapid ...
Asia Focus , Issue Oct

Periodic Essay
Capital Flows, Bond Markets, and Financial Stability in Asia

The 1997 Asian financial crisis was a landmark moment and an important catalyst for financial transformation in the region. After the crisis subsided, Asian policymakers embarked on a series of initiatives aimed at developing robust local currency bond markets. The growth of bond markets across Asia has helped the region as a whole reduce its reliance on foreign funding dramatically since the crisis. Yet, a gap has emerged between creditor economies that are able to maintain large external surpluses and self-insure against risk and debtor economies that continue to remain dependent on ...
Asia Focus , Issue November

Periodic Essay
Mobile banking in Asia

Technology has transformed the banking industry with the introduction of mobile banking services that offer unprecedented convenience and accessibility to customers. This Asia Focus report describes the various approaches to mobile banking in Asia, and examines how particular countries have addressed regulatory issues.
Asia Focus , Issue Nov

Periodic Essay
Chinas new foreign bank regulations

Asia Focus , Issue May




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