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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 

Journal Article
The Mental Health Imperative: Learning from History and Innovating Forward
AUTHORS: Norris, Tyler; Miller, Ben
DATE: 2018

Journal Article
Partners in Progress Case Study: East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation?s San Pablo Avenue Revitalization Coalition highlighted the link between environmental causes and health disparities and inspired new partnerships between public health and community development in Oakland, CA.
AUTHORS: Weiser, John; Sussman, Carl
DATE: 2017

Journal Article
Rural CDFIs Give Voice to a Brighter Future in Rural Regions
As a rural CDFI, Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) grows good jobs, environmentally sustainable enterprises, and shared prosperity by integrating finance, business, and industry expertise and policy solutions. In this essay, we summarize some of the lessons we have learned from working at the individual client level, the systems level, and from related fields, and we reflect on the future of community development in rural regions.
AUTHORS: Biemann, Betsy; Bisson, Keith
DATE: 2017

Journal Article
Financing creative places
Capital-intensive projects in the traditional community development arena, or in the emerging field of creative placemaking, are labor intensive and time consuming when compared with traditional real estate transactions. Organizing the political will, gaining community support, and assembling often layered financing can easily take three- to five-years to complete. Intentionally directing a flow of commercial capital for creative placemaking will require a sustained commitment to fostering a network of resources that allow for a capital-ready environment.
AUTHORS: Hattem, Gary
DATE: 2014

Journal Article
Five roles for arts, culture, and design in economic development
The benefit of an all-hands-on-deck approach to confronting economic challenges and opportunities becomes readily apparent when considering the case of arts, culture, and design. Not traditionally present in the domain of economic development, this trio has many potential benefits for boosting the economy. They touch the economy at crucial leverage points, including innovation, entrepreneurship, employment, and revitalization. An arts, culture, and design strategy is not the only requirement for promoting prosperity. However, coupled with other strategies, the three can provide a competitive edge for cities and states.
AUTHORS: Waits, Mary Jo
DATE: 2014

Journal Article
Strengthening neighborhood stabilization: refining business models for housing counseling
This article begins by reviewing the evolution of the housing counseling industry and discussing the opportunities and challenges of adopting a ?fee for service? model of housing counseling. We then highlight two recent business model innovations that have emerged in response to the foreclosure crisis?the Mortgage Resolution Fund in Chicago and the Occupied Homes Program in New York City.
AUTHORS: Samalin, Danielle
DATE: 2013

Journal Article
Financing energy efficiency in low-income multifamily rental housing: a progress update from the Low Income Investment Fund
Bringing energy efficiency to our nation?s building stock is an attractive triple bottom line proposition, and a critical one?for addressing global climate change, improving environmental quality and health, and delivering cost savings to owners and tenants. Although markets for retrofitting commercial properties and single family homes are developing, many low-income people are still waiting on the sidelines to partake in benefits. This trend is particularly worrisome because the least fortunate are more likely to live, attend school, and work in older, less energy-efficient buildings; as a result, low income households consume about one quarter more energy per square foot of living space than their higher-income counterparts, and a larger share of their paychecks are dedicated to utility costs. Poorer communities? limited ability to pay for retrofits has caused energy efficiency markets designed for wealthier settings to bypass them. In this context, we at the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) interpret the considerable challenge of delivering energy efficiency to low-income families and low-wealth communities as crucial not only for environmental sustainability, but also for addressing social inequality.
AUTHORS: Rinzler, Dan; Andrews, Nancy O.
DATE: 2014

Journal Article
Panning for gold in inner city markets
Chakrabarti discusses how the Institute for a Competitive Inner City has a long history of shining light on investment opportunities in the inner city. Through their Inner City 100 competition, they have collected an impressive database of EDM companies. But their greatest opportunity to bring investment to the inner city might be to expand the database and mine their existing data more deeply. More data in the form that investors need holds the potential for bringing even more capital to EDM companies.
AUTHORS: Chakrabarti, Prabal
DATE: 2007

Journal Article
Impact with punch: the perfect is the enemy of the good
AUTHORS: Schütte, Arjan
DATE: 2010

Journal Article
Community land trusts work in the best and worst of times
Recently I gave a speech at the National Community Land Trust Network?s annual meeting in Boston to talk about the important role that community land trusts have in our neighborhoods by promoting stability through affordable housing and economic development opportunities. Those efforts are always welcomed and needed under normal conditions, and they are appreciated and needed even more so as we cope with unprecedented economic challenges not seen since the Great Depression.
AUTHORS: Brooks, Tina
DATE: 2009



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