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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 

Working Paper
Leverage and cyclicality

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 90-01

Journal Article
Reducing poverty via minimum wages, alternatives

Setting a higher minimum wage seems like a natural way to help lift families out of poverty. However, minimum wages target individual workers with low wages, rather than families with low incomes. As a result, a large share of the higher income from minimum wages flows to higher-income families. Other policies that directly address low family income, such as the earned income tax credit, are more effective at reducing poverty.
FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Western banks and derivatives

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
The West's role in agricultural production

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Doubt in Detroit

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Cottage industry

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Rising price of energy

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
Foreign exchange rate regime and policy in Korea, 1980-1992

Proceedings , Issue Sep

Conference Paper
Financial reform in Australia

Proceedings , Issue Dec , Pages 69-88

Working Paper
New Keynesian optimal-policy models: an empirical assessment

This paper estimates two optimization-based sticky-price New Keynesian models and assesses how well they describe U.S. output, inflation, and interest rate dynamics. We consider models in which either internal habit formation influence consumption behavior, and in which Calvo-pricing and inflation indexation generate price and inflation inertia. Subject to constraints dictated by household and firm behavior, monetary policy is set under discretion and the model's time-consistent equilibrium is employed to estimate key behavioral parameters. We find that specifications estimated on consumption ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2003-16



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