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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 

Working Paper
Is monetary policy becoming less effective?

This paper estimates the amount by which the effectiveness of monetary policy in changing real output for a given change in interest rates has declined due to the increased size of the federal government debt.
Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 95-05

Journal Article
Is the Urban Middle Neighborhood an Endangered Species? Multiple Challenges and Difficult Answers

This chapter looks directly at the challenges facing middle neighborhoods in legacy cities. As the title suggests?and as the entire thrust of this book suggests?those challenges are serious and complex. The author describes multidimensional challenges with demographic, physical, and economic factors interacting with and reinforcing one another.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 01 , Pages 046-062

Journal Article
Using high-transparency banks to reconnect money and meaning

High-transparency banking is feasible and emerging. Public-interest accountability metrics can support a new crop of more trustworthy banks, highly-transparent as to their environmental and social impacts and corporate governance practices. To achieve scale, federal banking reform could include special charters and support for high-transparency banks, a new class of banks that develop and make publicly available the open technology standards needed to underwrite, incentivize and exchange transactions that produce positive environmental and social impacts.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 2 , Pages 18-29

Working Paper
Gentrification, displacement and the role of public investment: a literature review

Community Development Working Paper , Paper 2015-5

Journal Article
Risk-adjusted deposit insurance premiums

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Macroeconomic models for monetary policy

This Economic Letter summarizes the papers presented at the conference "Macroeconomic Models for Monetary Policy" held at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco on March 1-2, 2002, under the joint sponsorship of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Again, Reg Q

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Happy New Year?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Rising economic tide

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Performance of urban information technology centers: the boom, the bust, and the future

After being emblematic of the U.S. economic surge in the late 1990s, urban areas that specialize in information technology (IT) products have more recently been struggling with the aftermath of the IT spending bust. To what degree can they bounce back and reemerge as leaders of innovative activity and production in the IT sector? We examine the characteristics of some of the nations leading IT centers, linking these characteristics to a discussion of economic research concerning the sources of growth in urban industrial centers. Although each of these IT centers was hit hard by the IT bust ...
Economic Review



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