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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond  Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
Recent financial deregulation and the interest elasticity of M1 demand

Economic Review , Volume 72 , Issue Jul , Pages 13-24

Journal Article
Fifth district indexes of manufacturing output

Monthly indexes of U.S. manufacturing output are not generally available for individual states or for specific regions of the country. In this article we present new monthly indexes of manufacturing output for the period 1979 through 1987 for the Fifth Federal Reserve District, its individual states, and three of its major industriestextiles, chemicals, and electric equipment.
Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue May , Pages 23-33

Journal Article
Macroeconomics after a decade of rational expectations : some critical issues

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 68 , Issue Nov , Pages 3-12

Journal Article
On labor market indicators

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 61 , Issue Jul , Pages 3-8

Journal Article
A review of bank performance in the Fifth district, 1986

Gains from sales of securities and lower loan loss previsions helped bring higher profits to large Fifth District commercial banks in 1986. At the same time, small- and medium-sized bank profits fell slightly in the District from the previous year. As in the past few years, Fifth District banks outperformed banks in the rest of the United States. For the benefit of those readers curious about the problems connected with measuring bank performance, the authors discuss the most common bank profitability measures and the consequences of relying on accounting rather than market data.
Economic Review , Volume 73 , Issue Jul , Pages 29-37

Journal Article
The early history of the Phillips curve

The Phillips Curve depicts a relationship between inflation and unemployment in graphical or equation form. In a previous article (see the March /April issue of this Review), Thomas Humphrey catalogued the various formulations of the relationship that have appeared since the publication in 1958 of A. W. Phillips famous article on the subject. In the present article, Humphrey turns to the history of monetary doctrines seeking precursors of the modern formulations in the writings of Phillips forerunners. Humphrey finds an early representation of a Phillips Curve relationship in the writings of ...
Economic Review , Volume 71 , Issue Sep , Pages 17-24

Journal Article
The implicit deposit rate concept : issues and applications

An abstract for this article is not available
Economic Review , Volume 64 , Issue Sep , Pages 3-12

Journal Article
A Yankee recipe for a Eurofed omelet

The second article, reprinted from the Wall Street Journal/Europe, suggests a compromise between a centralized and decentralized structure for the union.
Economic Review , Volume 76 , Issue Jul , Pages 18-19

Journal Article
A review of the municipal bond market

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 62 , Issue Mar , Pages 10-19

Journal Article
Forecasts 1984

Roy H. Webb summarizes the consensus outlook for the current year in Forecasts 1984. (A more detailed summary of individual forecasts is available in the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmonds Business Forecasts 1984.) Most forecasters are calling for a continuation of the above-average growth and relatively low inflation of 1983. However, the consensus forecast has not been very accurate in the last two years.
Economic Review , Volume 70 , Issue Jan , Pages 24-26




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