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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond  Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
A review of bank performance in the Fifth district, 1986

Gains from sales of securities and lower loan loss previsions helped bring higher profits to large Fifth District commercial banks in 1986. At the same time, small- and medium-sized bank profits fell slightly in the District from the previous year. As in the past few years, Fifth District banks outperformed banks in the rest of the United States. For the benefit of those readers curious about the problems connected with measuring bank performance, the authors discuss the most common bank profitability measures and the consequences of relying on accounting rather than market data.
Economic Review , Volume 73 , Issue Jul , Pages 29-37

Journal Article
Reforming deposit insurance: lessons from the savings and loan crisis

A history of the collapse of the savings and loan industry. The authors contend that FSLICs institutional structures, established decades ago, made a thrift crisis inevitable. Poorly designed incentive structures strongly encouraged regulators and thrift managers to delay proper action when thrifts became insolvent. The authors present recommendations to prevent a recurrence of the crisis.
Economic Review , Volume 76 , Issue Mar , Pages 3-28

Journal Article
Rival notions of money

The year 1982 saw the publication of Nicholas Kaldors The Scourge of Monetarism. Kaldor claimed his antimonetarist tract was in the tradition of Keyness 1936 General Theory. This article shows that Kaldors antimonetarist doctrines as well as their rival monetarist counterpart long predate Keynes. Both have their roots in nineteenth century classical monetary theory.
Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue Sep , Pages 3-9

Journal Article
Foreign banking in the United States : movement toward federal regulation

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 62 , Issue Jan , Pages 3-7

Journal Article
Evidence of improved inventory control

Inventory data applied to a standard partial stock-adjustment model demonstrate that inventory control, defined by desired marginal inventory-sales ratios and speeds of adjustment, improved in the last decade or so, particularly in the manufacturing sector. In addition, the evidence suggests that, contrary to popular wisdom, the net effect of these changes in inventory control has been to increase the volatility of inventory investment in both the manufacturing and trade sectors.
Economic Review , Volume 78 , Issue Jan , Pages 3-12

Journal Article
Indexation as a response to inflation : an examination

Economic Review , Volume 60 , Issue Nov , Pages 17-21

Journal Article
The agricultural outlook for 1987: financial turnaround unlikely

An abstract for this article is not available
Economic Review , Volume 73 , Issue Jan , Pages 24-31

Journal Article
International risk-based capital standard: history and explanation

In December the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System adopted final guidelines for the new Risk-Based Capital Standard. This article traces the evolution of the new standard, discusses how capital measures of the United States will change, and indicates how Fifth District banking organizations may fare under the new standard.
Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue Nov , Pages 28-34

Journal Article
The current recession in perspective

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 61 , Issue May , Pages 2-7

Journal Article
Estimating intertemporal elasticity of substitution: the case of log- linear restrictions

Are linear regression models reliable in testing whether high expected real interest rates encourage current savings and deferred consumption? Here, a Monte Carlo test shows that a linear model yields a fairly accurate estimate and small standard error, but is highly susceptible to specification bias.
Economic Review , Volume 76 , Issue Nov , Pages 3-14




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