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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia  Series:Economic Insights 

Journal Article
Collateral Damage: House Prices and Consumption During the Great Recession

Did a decline in house prices cause the Great Recession? And if so, how? Credit constraints may be the key to answering those questions
Economic Insights , Volume 4 , Issue 3 , Pages 7-12

Journal Article
Taxing The 1 Percent

Raising taxes on top earners is often seen as a straightforward way to stem inequality. The trick is preserving efficient revenue generation and work incentives for the economy?s most productive contributors.
Economic Insights , Volume 2 , Issue 2 , Pages 1-10

Journal Article
All Layoffs Are Not Created Equal

More layoffs are intended to be temporary than conventional measures would suggest. Shigeru Fujita explains how this undercounting occurs and its surprising implications for today's problem of long-term unemployment.
Economic Insights , Volume 1 , Issue 3 , Pages 1-8

Journal Article
Where Is the Phillips Curve?

A closer look at the Phillips curve helps us understand why our low unemployment rate hasn?t led to a bigger rise in prices or wages
Economic Insights , Volume 4 , Issue 3 , Pages 12-19

Journal Article
Banking Trends: How and Why Bank Capital Ratios Change Over the Business Cycle

Small-bank and large-bank capital ratios behave quite differently. To under-stand the difference, look at the data.
Economic Insights , Volume 6 , Issue 1 , Pages 17-22

Journal Article
Understanding Gentrification’s Causes

What do three centuries of Philadelphia history tell us about today?s changing neighborhoods?
Economic Insights , Volume 2 , Issue 3 , Pages 9-17

Journal Article
Regional Spotlight: The State of the States

The U.S. economy has been expanding for seven years ? but don?t tell that to a handful of states that have suffered recessions recently. Paul R. Flora discusses how Philadelphia Fed indexes may aid in the tricky business of identifying recession patterns among the 50 states.
Economic Insights , Volume 1 , Issue 4 , Pages 8-15

Journal Article
Regional Spotlight: Making Ends Meet

How does the local cost of living affect a household’s standard of living?
Economic Insights , Volume 7 , Issue 2 , Pages 19-25

Journal Article
Tracking U.S. Real GDP Growth During the Pandemic

During this fast-moving pandemic, it's vital that policymakers can rely on real-time estimates of real GDP growth. Jonas Arias and Minchul Shin show us how it's done.
Economic Insights , Volume 5 , Issue 3 , Pages 9-14

Journal Article
Kitchen Conversations: How Households Make Economic Choices

Economists have studied decision-making for centuries, but how do households, as opposed to individuals, make decisions? The future of personal finance may rest on the answers.
Economic Insights , Volume 4 , Issue 4 , Pages 19-26




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