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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia  Series:Business Review 

Journal Article
Understanding national and regional housing trends

Business Review , Issue Sep , Pages 15-23

Journal Article
Is the personal bankruptcy system bankrupt?

Loretta Mester outlines the components of reform proposals. She then looks at the empirical research on personal bankruptcy to evaluate the rationale for reforming the system and the effectiveness of proposed changes. ; Also issued as Payment Cards Center Discussion Paper No. 02-02
Business Review , Issue Q1 , Pages 31-44

Journal Article
Creative destruction and aggregate productivity growth

Productivity growth is the engine of economic growth and is responsible for rising standards of living. But all firms do not partake equally in the nation's productivity growth. Rather, according to economist Joseph Schumpeter's theory, firms undergo a process of "creative destruction": New firms that adapt to new knowledge cause the decline and eventual demise of incumbent firms. In "Creative Destruction and Aggregate Productivity Growth," Shigeru Fujita surveys recent studies that examine the role of creative destruction in aggregate productivity growth.
Business Review , Issue Q3 , Pages 12-20

Journal Article
Commentary: Monetarism and practical policymaking

Business Review , Issue Nov , Pages 3-4

Journal Article
New perspectives on consumer behavior in credit and payments markets

Mitchell Berlin summarizes new research on household finance presented at a joint conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's Research Department and Payment Cards Center.
Business Review , Issue 1 , Pages 25-30

Journal Article
Dancing with wolves: syndicated loans and the economics of multiple lenders

A firm?s passage from borrowing from a single lender to using multiple lenders is often viewed as an inevitable progression in the life of a firm. While there is a strong element of truth in this view, it is also incomplete. The underlying economics of moving from one lender to many involves more than simply asking whether the firm?s revenues are large enough to cover the costs of adding more lenders or of acquiring a public debt rating. The U.S. syndicated loan market provides a useful laboratory for exploring the economics of multiple lenders. In ?Dancing with Wolves: Syndicated Loans and ...
Business Review , Issue Q3 , Pages 1-8

Journal Article
Productivity growth and the American business cycle

Business Review , Issue Sep , Pages 13-22

Journal Article
Do budget deficits cause inflation?

Keith Sill examines the theory and evidence on the link between fiscal and monetary policy and, thus, between deficits and inflation. Sill concludes that whether deficits lead to inflation depends on the extent to which a country?s monetary policy is independent.
Business Review , Issue Q3 , Pages 26-33

Journal Article
Making more out of less: the recipe for long-term economic growth

Business Review , Issue May , Pages 3-15

Journal Article
Banking in the 21st century.

U.S. consumers are catching up with their counterparts in the rest of the world in their use of electronic payment methods, but paper checks remain a popular way to make payments here. How is the Federal Reserve supporting an orderly evolution of the payment system as consumers shift away from paper? One way is the Fed's advocacy of legislation such as Check 21. In "Banking in the 21st Century," President Anthony Santomero describes some of the implications of this new legislation for both the Federal Reserve System and depository institutions
Business Review , Issue Q3 , Pages 1-4




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