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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of New York  Series:Quarterly Review 

Journal Article
International interest rate convergence: a survey of the issues and evidence

World financial markets have become substantially integrated over the last two decades. Contrary to widespread expectations, however, this integration has not led to any greater convergence of interest rates across countries. This article examines why convergence has not occurred and more generally what financial integration doesand does notmean for international interest rate relations.
Quarterly Review , Volume 18 , Issue Win , Pages 24-37

Journal Article
The pricing and hedging of index amortizing rate swaps

Index amortizing rate (IAR) swaps have proved difficult to price because of the complexity of their embedded options. Since these options depend on the path of interest rates, pricing requires a model of interest rate movements. This article uses a simple interest rate model to illustrate the pricing and hedging of an IAR swap.
Quarterly Review , Volume 18 , Issue Win , Pages 71-74

Journal Article
Some essentials of monetary stability

Harrison was the Bank's chief executive during a period of national economic hardship and financial instability: the early years of his term coincided with the stock market collapse of 1929, the Great Depression, and the bank failures that culminated in the banking crisis of 1933. In this speech, Harrison advocates reforms to strengthen the U.S. banking system and calls for the removal of remaining barriers to international trade. He argues that domestic financial stability in the major trading nations, along with a reestablished system of fixed exchange rates and orderly international ...
Quarterly Review , Issue Special , Pages 15-20

Journal Article
Financial market evolution and the interest sensitivity of output

Quarterly Review , Volume 15 , Issue Sum , Pages 56-70

Journal Article
A perspective on the globalization of financial markets and institutions

Quarterly Review , Volume 12 , Issue Spr , Pages 1-9

Journal Article
Responsiveness of interest rate spreads and deposit flows to changes in market rates

Quarterly Review , Volume 11 , Issue Aut , Pages 1-10

Journal Article
The credit rating industry

Investors and regulators have been increasing their reliance on the opinions of the credit rating agencies. This article shows that although the ratings provide accurate rank-orderings of default risk, the meaning of specific letter grades varies over time and across agencies. Noting that current regulations do not explicitly adjust for agency differences, the authors argue that a reassessment of the use of ratings and the adequacy of public oversight is overdue.
Quarterly Review , Volume 19 , Issue Sum , Pages 1-26

Journal Article
Not a blown fuse

Quarterly Review , Volume 18 , Issue Spr , Pages 46-49

Journal Article
Optimal monetary policy design: rules versus discretion again

Should monetary authorities rely primarily on rules or their own discretion in conducting monetary policy? The debate has recently been revived by researchers who claim that discretionary monetary policy tempts policy makers to exploit a short-run trade-off between output and inflation and thereby leads to higher inflation expectations. This article evaluates the arguments advanced in support of these views and tests them against the empirical evidence.
Quarterly Review , Volume 15 , Issue Win , Pages 65-79

Journal Article
Event risk premia and bond market incentives for corporate leverage

Quarterly Review , Volume 15 , Issue Spr , Pages 15-30




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