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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of New York  Series:Quarterly Review 

Journal Article
A disaggregate analysis of discount window borrowing

Discount window borrowing is an important source of liquidity for depository institutions. This article estimates the demand for adjustment credit of 240 commercial banks during 1981-90. By focusing on the borrowing behavior of individual banks, the authors are able to clarify some anomalies exhibited by borrowed reserves at the aggregate level.
Quarterly Review , Volume 16 , Issue Sum , Pages 52-62

Journal Article
The pricing and hedging of market index deposits

Quarterly Review , Volume 12 , Issue Sum , Pages 9-20

Journal Article
Estimating the funding gap of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Quarterly Review , Volume 13 , Issue Aut , Pages 45-59

Journal Article
Corporate refinancing in the 1990s

U.S. corporations have floated stocks and bonds in unprecedented amounts in the last year. How much have corporate treasurers reduced their firms' interest payments through such refinancing? After assessing the motives for refinancing, the authors estimate the aggregate interest savings achieved through equity issuance, bond calls, and bond sales and compare the effectiveness of refinancing and lower short-term interest rates in easing the interest burden on U.S. corporations' cash flows.
Quarterly Review , Volume 17 , Issue Win , Pages 1-27

Journal Article
Update on the Second District's economy

The author uses broad-based indicators such as employment, personal income, and retail sales to assess the state of the economy in the Federal Reserve's Second District. Specific attention is given to certain broad trends that have influenced regional growth, including the reduction in defense spending, the weakness in the European economies, and intense international and national competition.
Quarterly Review , Volume 18 , Issue Aut , Pages 37-46

Journal Article
Federal Reserve control of credit

In the early days of the Federal Reserve, changes in the discount rate were the principal instrument through which the central bank exercised control over credit conditions. In this -address, Strong explains the use of discount rate changes as a means of controlling the volume of credit and influencing interest rate movements. He considers criteria for discount rate changes, concluding that in the absence of gold movements under a reestablished gold standard, policy makers have no option but to look to general economic conditions.
Quarterly Review , Issue Special , Pages 6-14

Journal Article
Reflections of a central banker

From the early years of Sproul's presidency until the Treasury-Federal Reserve Accord of 1951, Federal Reserve policy was subordinated to the Treasury's wartime and postwar financing needs. In this 1955 speech, Sproul speaks of the resurgence of flexible monetary policy. He invites the academic economists in his audience to turn their attention to the study of central banking issues and to contribute in this way to informed monetary policy decisions. Sproul's address provides an overview of the structure, techniques, and objectives of the Federal Reserve System and gives particular attention ...
Quarterly Review , Issue Special , Pages 21-28

Journal Article
Japanese trade balance adjustment to yen appreciation

Quarterly Review , Volume 14 , Issue Aut , Pages 33-47

Journal Article
Evaluating recent trends in capital formation

Quarterly Review , Volume 14 , Issue Aut , Pages 7-19

Journal Article
The recent performance of the commercial banking industry

Quarterly Review , Volume 11 , Issue Sum , Pages 1-11




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